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Case Studies & Software Verification

Excavation & Foundation Design Case Studies

Practice and experience are invaluable in deep excavations. Deep Excavation has been involved in deep excavation research and design. The following articles contain information about representative deep excavation and pile foundation case studies from several locations worldwide (Taiwan, Abu Dhabi, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC and more). A number of these projects has been redesigned - evaluated with our programs. The project database is frequently updated to include new cases and more information.


1. Excavation Analysis Methods - DeepEX Verification

Diaphragm Walls - Construction Methods Review Article

Cantilever Soldier Piles Design Review Article

50ft Excavation - Analysis Methods Comparison Review Article

50 ft Excavation - Anchored Wall Design Example Review Article

Excavation Models - DeepEX Compared to Plaxis and Wallap Review Article


2. Deep Excavation Case Studies

Deep Excavation - Discover our mission Review Article

Protecting Structures During Deep Excavations Review Article

Differences between Driven & Drilled Soldier Piles Review Article

Stage Conditions in Soil Nail Wall Design Review Article

Significance of FEM Construction Sequence Review Article

Evaluating the Feasibility of Unsupported Excavations Review Article

Harnessing CPT Records Review Article

Unleash your full Potential with DeepEX Software Review Article

Apparent Earth Pressures in Deep Excavations Review Article

TBM Tunnels: Soil Springs VS FEM Analysis Review Article

TBM VS NATM Tunnels Review Article

Wall Beam Analysis Methods Review Article

Effect of FEM Mesh Density on Slope Stability Analysis Review Article

Anchored Wall Optimization for Eurocode 7 Combinations Review Article

Static vs. Dynamic Analysis of a Cantilever Sheet Pile & an MSE wall Review Article

Effects of MSE Walls Supporting Gravity Wall Traffic Barriers Review Article

Effects of Gravity Bridge Abutments on MSE Walls Review Article

Deficiencies of Geotechnical Eurocode 7 Part 1 Review Article

Twin Metro Tunnels Settlement Assessment Review Article

Reanalysis of a Braced Excavation in Abu Dhabi Review Article

Large Scale Planing & Optimization for Urban Tunneling Works Review Article

What is the Optimal Angle for Tiebacks? Review Article

Rakers at 45deg in Excavation Systems Review Article

Effect of Surcharge Analysis on a Cantilever Excavation Review Article

The Most Common Liar in Geotechnical Analysis Review Article

Evaluation of an Anchored Excavation in Toronto Review Article

Analysis Methods VS Measured Performance - Courthouse Station Excavation in Boston

EAB Limit Equilibrium vs Winkler Springs & Finite Elements Review Article

Displacements on Existing Tunnels in Los Angeles Review Article

Deep Excavation in Boston Blue Clay Review Article

Evaluation of an Excavation in Jakarta, Indonesia Review Article

Reanalysis of a Collapsed Anchored Wall Model Review Article

34 m Stepped Excavation Design Review Article

Metro Excavation in Taipei Review Article

Deep Excavation in Abu Dhabi Review Article

Seattle Viaduct Access Repair Shaft Analysis Review Article

T-Panel Diaphragm Wall Excavation in Taiwan Review Article

Deep Excavation in Santiago, Chile Review Article

Prudential Two - Chicago, IL Review Article

Post Office Square Garage, Boston, MA Review Article

Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C. Review Article

World Trade Center, New York, NY Review Article

Soldier Pile Walls with Cellular Concrete Review Article

Benchmarked Excavations - More Case Studies Review Article

3. Pile Foundations Case Studies - DeepFND Verification

Lateral Pile Analysis for Drilled Piles - Tips and Tricks Review Article

Design of Bridge Pier Deep Foundations Review Article

Importance of Pile Cap Stiffness and Group Analysis Methods Review Article

Simulation of a Pile Raft Foundation in Uppsala, Sweden Review Article

All-in-1 Foundation Pile Design Software Review Article

Offshore Pile Foundation Design Example Review Article

Power Transmission Tower Helical Pile Foundation Review Article

Incheon Tower Pile Raft Foundation Review Article

P-Delta Effects on a Helical Pile Review Article

Micropile Construction Case History Review Article

Excessive Mat Settlement in Dormitory Building, Atlanta Review Article

Pile Raft in Gdansk, Poland - DeepFND Verification Review Article

4. Site Investigation and Monitoring Case Studies

Minimize Risk with Geotechnical Visualization Review Article


Solutions for Geotechnical Engineering Professionals:

DeepEX: Deep Excavations Design Software

DeepEX: Deep Excavations Design Software

DeepFND: Pile Foundations Design Software

DeepFND: Pile Foundations Design Software

HelixPile Helical Piles Design Software

HelixPile Helical Piles Design Software

SnailPlus: Soil Nail Walls Design Software

SnailPlus: Soil Nail Walls Design Software