Design of Helical Piles
Single Piles, Groups & Rafts

Lateral and Vertical Analysis of helical piles in the same software suite

Structural and Geotechnical Design of helical piles (pipes, and square sections with helix configurations

Torque Estimation and Settlement Analysis

Full Design of Single Piles, Concrete Caps with Groups of Piles and Pile Rafts

DeepFND Single Helical Pile Model.jpg

Single Helical Pile Analysis (HelixPile)

HelixPile Rectangular Cap Model.jpg

Rectangular Cap with Helical Piles (HelixPile)

HelixPile Triangular Cap Model.jpg

Triangular Cap with Helical Piles Model (HelixPile)

Helical pile analysis software HelixPile 2020: The best helical pile software available

2020 Version with Helical Pile Groups and Pile Rafts

HelixPile 2020 is a user friendly, modern and powerful software program for the design of helical piles. HelixPile allows the user to include an unlimited number of stage conditions and soil profiles. HelixPile incorporates the latest recommendations and reports the controlling design design conditions. Helical piles analyzed with HelixPile include many of the latest recommendations that allow multiple failure modes to be investigated.

HelixPile 2020 includes lateral pile analysis options with trapezoidal loads

HelixPile 2020 allows you to import and interpret a full CPT log

HelixPile 2020 - Pile Group Analysis, Pile Raft Analysis

From a client: The program is great and I have been using frequently!

Steve Gencorelli, P.E., Vice President of Engineering & Sales, DANBRO Distributors

DeepFND and HelixPile

Our two foundation pile design programs - DeepFND and HelixPile - share the exact same interface, options, design capabilities and additional modules (Pile Groups, Pile Rafts). The only difference between the two programs are the available pile types: HelixPile software is directed to engineers and firms that design ONLY helical piles, whereas, DeepFND can design all foundation pile types (Helical and Non-Helical).

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How the Software Works?

Why Choose HelixPile?

1. Helix pile is a full design software

2. Lateral pile analysis, with options that estimate lateral analysis parameters from SPT tests

3. Versatile analysis options

4. Modern interactive interface

5. Cylinder and individual plate mode

6. Predict settlement performance

7. Consider buckling and moment loads

8. Examine design life and corrosion

9. Optimizes helical pile depth

10. Include installation disturbance effects

11. Export reports to MS Word and Pdf


HelixPile - Pile Types in the Model Wizard


Main Technical Characteristics



HelixPile can design both Single Helical Piles, and Pile Groups with multiple piles (the additional optional module Pile Groups is required).

The software can also design Pile Rafts, considering the combined effect of the soil below the raft (additional module to our Pile Group option).


  • Single Helical Piles
  • Rectangular Pile Caps
  • Triangular Pile Caps
  • Circular Pile Caps
  • Hexagonal Pile Caps
  • Octagonal Pile Caps
  • User-Defined Perimeter Pile Caps
  • Pile Rafts


HelixPile can perform both vertical and lateral pile analysis.

HelixPile uses both the individual plate and the cylinder methods, reporting the most critical results. The general and the Helicap equations can be selected. For the vertical pile design, we can select to use either the Vesic, or the Meyerhoff-Hansen method. HelixPile calculates and checks the helical pile installation torque.

For the lateral pile analysis, HelixPile can use either the defined load on the pile head and calculate the developed moment, shear and pile displacement diagrams, or it can perform a pushover analysis, calculating and presenting the required lateral load to achieve a specified pile head displacement.

HelixPile can perform settlement analysis. In the software we can select one of the implemented pile acceptance criteria, or define our own.

Lateral and vertical pile analysis in a single software suite!

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HelixPile can do full vertical and lateral design of helical piles.

The helical piles in HelixPile can be of any typical shape (pipes, square solid and square hollow sections). In each pile we can define and assign and unlimited number of helix configurations. The piles can be grouted. Finally, we can use external casing on the pile head, increasing the pile lateral capacity.


  • Steel pipes
  • Square sodid steel sections
  • Square hollow steel sections
  • Unlimited helix configurations per pile
  • Grouted piles
  • Use of external steel casing



HelixPile is an extremely user-friendly software, which offers an interactive model interface. In the model area we can create different loading stages and define all project parameters (external loads on the pile head, pile section properties etc.) graphically.

All items on the model area (boring, pile, external loads) can be accessed and their properties can be defined through user-friendly dialogs.

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The soil types, soil properties and stratigraphies can be easily defined in HelixPile through user-friendly dialogs.

In HelixPile we can create an unlimited list of soils and define all soil properties quickly. The software provides several estimation tools (SPT Estimator and partial estimation tools for each property using scientific methods and equations).

In HelixPile we can add directly SPT Records and CPT Logs, which can be used from the software to estimate various soil properties.

  • Define list of soil types
  • Define list of stratigraphies (borings)
  • Soil properties estimation tools
  • SPT Records 
  • CPT Logs
HelixPile Demo

Structural and geotechnical design of helical piles. Lateral and vertical pile analysis in a single software package!

Starting at
$ 1650


HelixPile has implemented many international design codes and standards for the design and analysis  (structural and geotechnical) of the helical piles.

In HelixPile we can perform a service or factored design with the use of US and European standards. We can easily select and change between several US, European, Australian and Chinese structural codes.

  • ACI 318-11 (Reinforced Concrere Members)
  • ASD 1989 (Allowable Stress Design - Steel Members)
  • AASHTO LRFD 13th Edition (Steel Members)
  • AISC 360 and 360-Allowable (2010 and 2016)
  • EUROCODE 2, 7 and 8 Specifications
  • AASHTO LRFD 5th Load Combinations
  • European Codes (DIN, BS, XP94, DM, DA)
  • Australian Standards (AS 3600, AS/NZS 4100)
  • Chinese Standards (CN)



HelixPile Model Wizard can be used to create any deep foundation model in minutes. We can use the Wizard tabs to define all project parameters (analysis settings, pile type and structural section, external loads and design standards). The Wizard creates the model automatically, saving us a lot of time and effort for the initial creation

HelixPile has an automatic length optimization tool. The software can use a defined step to increase the pile depth up to a defined depth limit, calculating the axial tension and compression capacity in each step.

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HelixPile can generate extensive reports for all examined design sections (piles) and loading stages. The reports in HelixPile are totally customizable - the end user can always select all the report sections included in the final report.

HelixPile reports can include tables and graphs with all examined model properties and calculated results. We can also choose to include to the report all structural design equations and calculation procedure.

The HelixPile reports can be previewed, exported to PDF or exported to Word format, so they can be further edited by the user.

  • Select Design Sections to Report
  • Select Construction Stages to Report
  • Customize Report Graphs
  • Define Report Layout
  • Define Report Sections
  • Possibility to Report Equations and Stage Calculations
  • Preview the Report
  • Export Reports in PDF and Word Formats

New Features

NEW: HelixPile produces a full calculation report for your submittals!

NEW: HelixPile is the only software that has a settlement estimation methodology! Based on a method by our CEO, Mr. Konstantakos and Mr. Michael Perlow, that has been validated against more than 40 actual load tests.

> HelixPile can automatically optimize your estimated pile length.

> HelixPile can determine the bearing capacity from SPT records.

Helical_Pile_Group_small.jpg circular_pile_cap_DeepFND_small.png

Above: Circular Concrete Cap with Helical Piles, Analyzed with HelixPile


Above: Rectangular Concrete Cap with Helical Piles, Model in HelixPile

Single Pile - Helical Pile Design

Circular Cap with Helical Piles Design



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