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Inclinometer software SiteMaster

Transforming Inclinometer Readings into Strategic Insights for Monitoring Precision

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SiteMaster 2023: Slope inclinometer & Sensor monitoring solution

SiteMaster: Slope Inclinometer & Remote Sensors Software

Cumulative inclinometer displacements

SiteMaster is a modern and powerful software program for processing and presenting inclinometer readings and remote geostructural sensors. SiteMaster can handle an unlimited number of sites with an unlimited number of inclinometers and sensors. The program is very easy to use and includes all standard graphs as well as unique features. It can process and present all inclinometers and sensors within a project, as well as include plan view displacement graphs related to excavation construction history. SiteMaster can work with any inclinometer system that  produces a text data file. Monitoring sites are stored in an easy to modify folder where all data items are placed in a systematic approach. Displacement and monitoring graphs are organized in an efficient and easy way. Reports can be customized and exported in PDF or MS Word format. 

You can also position your data in maps, import your construction drawings in DXF, import buildings and topographic information from Google, and perform damage assesment on existing structures.

Plan view of geotechnical monitoring project

Geokon adopts SiteMaster as the professional standard software program for their inclinometers!

✔ Review, process and monitor inclinometer and sensor readings 

✔ Follow and compare inclinometer displacements against construction progress for deep excavations

✔ DXF Drawings Add-on: Zoom around the site with interactive DXF drawings

✔ Import Site elevations, Buildings from Google Maps Connect with DeepEX 3D

✔ New: Remote Sensor Connections, Fixed-In-Place Remote Inclinometers, Topographic/Survey Monitoring + more!

Works with any inclinometer

Remote Sensor Support