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DeepEX - Deep Excavations Design Software

Solve & optimize safe deep excavations - structural, geotech, Limit Equilibrium & Finite Elements+

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DeepEX 2023 - Design of Deep Excavations & Tunnels

Solve Limit Equilibrium, Slope Stability, Non-linear analysis, Finite Elements, 3D design, 3D visualization, generate drawings, tunnel design, citywide buildings damage assessment & more, all in one solution.

If you are in the deep excavation industry you are aware of all the challenges that must be addressed. Deep excavation design can be a risky business if you don't take care of the details. From selecting the wall type and bracing, estimating soil properties and building loads, to design and analysis methods, the number of design challenges that must be met are many. That is why we created DeepEX, a software program that tackles all these deep excavation challenges in an efficient and complete manner.

Back in the day it would take our CEO one week to complete the design of one deep excavation section. Now, with DeepEX the same design can be completed in 30 minutes or less.

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DeepEX is an innovative, easy to use, software program for deep excavations, developed by experts for engineers like you.  It solves both geotechnical and structural designs for many wall types that include soldier pile walls, sheet pile walls, and diaphragm walls with multiple sections of reinforcement. DeepEX can also perform slope stability analysis with soil nailing. It comes packed with all structural and geotechnical design codes.

DeepEX accumulates a long international experience of geotechnical and structural experience in deep excavation design and software development with more than 3000 users worldwide. Engineers in the US, Singapore, Australia,  India, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Malaysia, and other countries use DeepEX as their preferred tool for deep excavation design.


How DeepEX Software Works

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10000+ Projects, Voice Commands, Cost Estimation, DXF Drawings, Equation Reports, 3D Walers, Limit-Equilibrium, Soil Springs, Finite Elements, VR & Augmented Reality +

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Why Choose DeepEX?

Design and optimize a deep excavation in as little as 5 minutes!

Estimate the cost, perform a global stability analysis, prepare your section drawings (DXF)!

Impress your clients with the excavation in 3D or virtual reality before anything is constructed!

Save time and effort in the design of any deep excavation model!

Evaluate different alternatives and methods in seconds!

Below: Site map and buildings imported from Google Maps directly into DeepEX

Add Buildings and site maps from Google maps in DeepEX

Still not convinced?
Here are 10 reasons to choose DeepEX!

1. One program solves both geotechnical and structural issues!

2. Interactive game like environment!

3. US, AASHTO, EC7, BS, ITA, DIN + more standards!

4. Extensive verification and documentation library!

5. Extensive range of wall types!

6. Archived databases of structural sections!

7. Non-linear and limit-equilibrium analysis methods!

8. Developed by engineers for engineers!

9. Open-box philosophy: most calculations open for review!

10. Permanent annual support for expert engineers!



Let us show you how to design a deep excavation in minutes!



Main DeepEX Features and Capabilities


DeepEX implements all approved scientific methods for the design of deep excavation projects. Easily perform a classical limit equilibrium analysis, non-linear analysis method with elastoplastic Winkler springs (beam on elastoplastic foundations), or a complete Finite Element Analysis.

A Finite Element Analysis can be performed if you add and activate our Finite Element Analysis engine DeepFEM in any DeepEX version:

  • Limit Equilibrium Analysis Method (LEM)
  • Non-Linear Analysis Method (NL)
  • Finite Element Analysis Method (FEM)
  • Combined Analysis (LEM+NL)
  • Combined Analysis (LEM+FEM)
Analysis Methods in DeepEX Software - Limit Equilibrium, Non Linear, Finite Element Analysis


DeepEX can be used for the design and analysis of all commonly used wall types. Define wall section properties in an efficient way through user-friendly dialogs and easily update the structural material lists with new or standard materials. An extensive rebar reinforcement and steel section database has you covered for work anywhere in the world.

  • Soldier Pile and Lagging Walls
  • Sheet Pile Walls (Steel, Wood, Vinyl)
  • Secant/Tangent Piles
  • Concrete Diaphragm walls (Slurry Walls)
  • Combined Sheet Pile Walls (King Pile-sheet pile system)
  • Box Sheet Piles
  • Soldier Pile and Tremied Concrete (SPTC Walls)
  • Prestressed and GFRP Walls and Piles
Wall Types that can be designed with DeepEX software


Perform both structural and geotechnical design of many different support systems. You can add supports graphically on the model area and easily modify by double clicking. Easily change support sections with an extensive implemented steel section database.

  • Cantilever Excavations
  • Anchored Excavations (Tiebacks, Helical Anchors)
  • Braced Excavations (Steel Struts and Rakers)
  • Cofferdams
  • Mechanical and Hydraulic Struts and Walers
  • Top-Down Excavations (Reinforced Concrete Slabs)
  • Stepped Excavations
  • Basement Concrete Slabs
  • Tiedowns and Piles below Base Slabs
  • Foundation Piles for Slope Stability
  • Vertical Steel Columns
  • Fixed and Spring Supports
  • Dead-man Wall Systems
  • Bin Type Wall Systems
  • Box Type Excavations (Steel or Concrete Walers)
  • Circular Shafts
Support Systems implemented in DeepEX


Deep excavations require compliance with both structural and geotechnical standards. We have you covered with many international design codes and standards for the design and analysis  (structural and geotechnical) for all wall types and support systems. 

You can perform a service or factored design with US, European, Australian, or Chinese standards and easily select and change between several code standards:

  • ACI 318 2019 (Reinforced Concrete Members)
  • ASD 1989 (Allowable Stress Design - Steel Members)
  • AASHTO LRFD 9th Edition (Steel Members)
  • AISC 360 and 360-Allowable (2010 and 2016)
  • EUROCODE 2, 3, 7 and 8 Specifications
  • AASHTO LRFD 9th Load Combinations
  • CALTRANS LRFD 2012 Load Combinations
  • PEN DOT AASHTO 2012 Load Combinations
  • European Codes (DIN, BS, XP94, DM, DA)
  • BS 6349 Parts 1-2 (Marine Structures-Quay Walls)
  • Australian Standards (AS 3600, AS/NZS 4100)
  • Chinese Standards (CN)
Structural Codes and Geotechnical Design Load Combinations implemented in DeepEX


DeepEX offers an extremely user-friendly software with an interactive model interface. You can draw supports, loads, and items in the model area for each construction stage, and graphically perform excavations, backfill operations and dewatering.

All items on the model area (walls, supports, surface nodes, external loads) can be accessed with the mouse and properties can be changed at any point through user-friendly dialogs.

Quickly generate models with a powerful wizard.

Last, you can talk to DeepEX and tell it to prepare a deep excavation model "Hey DeepEX.." "Create a 10 meter deep excavation with struts".

Deep Excavation Design Software - Interactive interface and voice control


The soil types, soil properties and stratigraphies can be easily defined in DeepEX through user-friendly dialogs.

Create an unlimited list of soil types and quickly define all soil properties. Quickly estimate soil properties with several estimation tools (SPT, CPT Estimator and other tools with industry accepted methods and estimation equations).

The additional, Soil Estimation Reporting and Statistical Analysis module, allows you perform a statistical analysis of estimated soil parameters with a wide range of methods. The statistical analysis allows us to estimate soil property variability with depth or in the project plan. Then, one can select the desired design values based on the desired confidence level.

In DeepEX we can add directly SPT Records and CPT Logs, which can be used from the software to estimate various soil properties

Soil Properties Estimation from SPT Tests and CPT Logs in DeepEX


All your design can be in a single file. You can create an unlimited number of design sections in the same file, simulating all project wall sections and different excavation depths. In each design sections, different soil parameters and stratigraphies, wall sections, support systems and design assumptions can be defined.

Create an unlimited number of construction stages, simulating the full design procedures or conditions in each design section. DeepEX presents extensive results for each stage, assisting with the identification of the most critical condition.

Easily examine alternatives within different design sections. This allows you to quickly identify the most critical or most efficient deep excavation solution.

Deep excavation model construction stages - deepex software


Meed additional design challenges with additional DeepEX modules. Not all deep excavations require the same capabilities. You can expand your solution capabilities with the following DeepEX versions/modules:

DeepEX 2D: For the design and optimization of all project 2D design sections.

DeepEX 3D: Export the 3D Frame model with all bracing levels, so that the full project with all supports can be calculated. With DeepEX 3D we can also perform total cost estimation for the full project.

Additional modules can be added in any of the main DeepEX versions (2D and 3D), increasing the software capabilities:

  • Export Drawings to DXF module:  With this module all 2D sections for all construction stages and wall sections can be exported to DXF and opened in any CAD software. In DeepEX 3D, the same feature can be used for the export of the full project plan and side views.
  • Steel-Connection module: Allows you to easily generate all steel connections for walers to struts, and corner walers. Once a design is complete the steel connections can be optimized with a click of the button. The program will then automatically adjust weld sizes and apply plate stiffeners if required. Steel-connections can be evaluated with AISC 360-16 allowable or LRFD.
  • Export 3D Model & Holograms module:  This module allows your the export the deep excavation  model to a 3D desktop, virtual reality, or augmented reality (HoloLens) model. Easily visualize the 3D model excavation before it is constructed and communicate with your clients some of the complexities and construction staging. This way check for any potential construction challenges (adjacent building foundations, underground utilities etc.), as well as, impress the clients with the view of the final project before it is constructed. The module allows importing 3D buildings back into the design environment.
  • Finite Element Analysis module: DeepFEM, can be added and activated with in any software version, allowing the Finite Element Analysis method to be performed. The FEM method considers full soil structure interaction and can be used to analyze complicated models, adjacent foundation piles, tunnels and more.
DeepEX 3D Excavation Models, Steel Connections, Finite Element Analysis modules


Model and analyze TBM, NATM or Box Tunnels with the Finite Element Analysis method (Prerequisites: FEM Module). Wizards give us the flexibility to easily create oval and complex tunnel geometries.

Sections and tunnel segments can be activated and deactivated at any stage. Soil losses and pressure grouting can also be modeled with ease.

Tunnel analysis with DeepEX shoring design software


DeepEX implements tools that can evaluate the global stability of excavation models and slope surfaces (simple or reinforced with soil nails).

DeepEX can calculate and report the most critical slope surface and the slope stability safety factor with the use of several scientific methods.

Soil nails can be used in the slope surfaces. DeepEX calculates the effects of the soil nails to the slope stability analysis.

  • Bishop Method
  • Morgenstern-Price Method (General Limit Equilibrium)
  • Spencer Method
  • Ordinary Swedish Method (method of slices)
  • French Clouterre standards for the soil nail design
Slope Stability Safety Factor - Excavation with Tiebacks


DeepEX allows the design of Gravity Retaining Walls, Pile Supported Abutments and Sea Walls with the corresponding additional, optional modules that can be activated inside the software. 

  • Gravity Walls module: It allows the design of reinforced concrete gravity walls of any shape (Continuous walls or 3D Piers), calculating the wall sliding, bearing and overturning safety factors.
  • Pile Supported Abutments module: It allows the use of foundation piles at gravity wall sections (creating pile supported abutments) and pile foundations adjacent to the excavation site. The module allows the calculation of the forces on each pile and the lateral and vertical design of the piles (calculation of pile moments, shear and displacements diagrams, as well as, the calculation of the bearing capacity of the piles).
    Prerequisites: Gravity wall module
  • Sea Walls - Wave Pressures - Overtopping module: It allows the design of sea walls, block/segmental walls with individual shear resistances and densities, quay caisson walls (3D) with infill and more, the calculation of Wave pressures with Sainflou, McConnel, Proverbs, Load combinations for British Standards 6349 Parts 1-2 (Marine Structures-Quay Walls) and more.
    Prerequisites: Gravity wall module
  • MSE Walls - Soil Reinforcements module: It allows the design embankments with soil reinforcements (Steel grids and strips, geogrids, geotextiles) and stone columns. The soil reinforcements can be used for slope stabilizations.
    Prerequisites: Gravity wall module
Gravity walls, pile abutments and quay walls can be designed with DeepEX program DeepEX Embankment with Soil Reinforcement and Stone Columns


DeepEX can generate extensive reports for all examined design sections and construction stages. The reports in DeepEX are totally customizable - the end user can always select all the report sections included in the final report.

DeepEX reports can include tables and graphs with all examined model properties and calculated results. We can also choose to include to the report all structural design equations and calculation procedure.

The DeepEX reports can be previewed, exported to PDF or exported to Word format, so they can be further edited by the user.

  • Select Design Sections to Report
  • Select Construction Stages to Report
  • Customize Report Graphs
  • Define Report Layout
  • Define Report Sections
  • Possibility to Report Equations and Stage Calculations
  • Cost Estimation Results
  • 2D and 3D Frame Results
  • Preview the Report
  • Export Reports in PDF and Word Formats
Deep excavation design and analysis reports in pdf and word - DeepEX

Deep Excavation Design Examples


DeepEX Software Packages

Start with the Basic Version - Power Up with Additional Modules!

DeepEX offers a series of options and additional modules that can greatly expand the software capabilities and cover your exact needs! Find out about the DeepEX software packages pricing and licensing.


Capabilities/Version DeepEX  2D 2D+ 3D 3D+ 3D City
Design of 2D Excavation Models
Limit Equilibrium Analysis
Non-Linear Analysis
Slope Stability Analysis
Export Sketches to DXF - -
Soil Estimation - Statistical Analysis - -
Cost Estimation - -
3D Models - 3D Frame Analysis - -
Steel Connections - -
3D Model Holograms (HoloDeepEX) - -
Finite Element Analysis O O O O
Pile Abutments O O O O
Sea Walls - Quay Walls - Wave Pressures O O O O
Gravity Walls O O O O
Building Damage Assessment O O O O
Citywide Damage Assessment - - - O
Integration with Monitoring Data - - O O
Deep Maintenance (12 Months)

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