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DeepEX FAQ: Construction Stages

Question: Are construction stages considered in DeepEX?

For optimal precision in assessing deep excavations using DeepEX, it is highly recommended to meticulously create and evaluate all intermediate construction stages. This approach ensures a comprehensive analysis, recognizing that the last stage may not always be the most critical one.


In the Limit Equilibrium Method, where each stage is treated independently, it's important to note that wall deflections, and potentially wall bending moments, may not accurately reflect the complexities of scenarios involving multiple supports. This highlights the significance of evaluating each stage individually to capture the nuanced behavior of the structure.


When employing the Non-linear or Finite Element analysis methods, the initial stage is characterized by a geostatic condition without excavation. Subsequent stages should encompass singular actions, such as excavation, support installation, backfill operations, or support removal. This meticulous staging is crucial, as wall deflections and moments are intricately tied to the specific construction sequence, emphasizing the need to account for each stage's unique influence on the structural behavior.


This nuanced approach ensures a more realistic representation of the excavation's impact on the structure, especially in cases where multiple supports come into play. By considering and evaluating each intermediate stage, DeepEX provides a comprehensive and accurate depiction of the excavation process, allowing engineers to pinpoint critical stages that might not be immediately apparent when solely focusing on the final stage.


Anchored excavation – Construction stages in DeepEX

Fig: Anchored excavation – Construction stages in DeepEX

Result graphs in different construction stages – DeepEX software

Fig.: Result graphs in different construction stages – DeepEX software


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