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Landmark Center Redevelopment Project

Designed with DeepEX!

The Landmark Center Redevelopment Project is a multi-phase development in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood focused around the historic Landmark Center (or 401 Park) building.  The Landmark Center building is an iconic Boston structure that had formerly been home for more than 60 years to Sears Roebuck & Co’s northeast hub for distribution.  Phase 3 of the Landmark Center Redevelopment consists of adding a 13-story mixed-use building and three levels of below-grade parking.  The new building is situated tightly between the Landmark Center Building and Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) green line.  GeoEngineers, working for TREVIICOS, designed temporary support of excavation (SOE) for Phase 3. The challenging SOE design consisted of slurry walls, three levels of internal bracing, including subgrade struts, and DeepEx helped GeoEngineers get it right.

Landmark Center Redevelopment Project - Deep excavation designed with DeepEX software by GeoEngineers

GeoEngineers employed DeepEx’s lateral earth analysis capabilities using both limit equilibrium and finite element methods to design the slurry walls, size bracing members, provide precise wall deflection estimates, and estimate impacts on adjacent structures, including the original Landmark Center building and the MBTA light rail tunnel structure. The owner’s top priority on this project was limiting slurry wall deflections and damage to the adjacent building, and with the help of DeepEx’s finite element analysis tools, deflections were predicted with accuracy in a difficult soil profile.

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