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Earth retaining with geosynthetics in DeepEX

Design MSE walls, Backfills with soil reinforcements, Embankments and more!

Segmental Block Wall with Steel Strips in DeepEX

Figure: Segmental Block Wall with Steel Strips in DeepEX

You're no stranger to the complexities of MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) wall design. But fear not, DeepEX is here to streamline your process. It's your ultimate partner, offering unparalleled assistance as you navigate the intricacies of MSE projects.

Overcoming Common Issues:

In your journey through MSE wall design, you've encountered hurdles like material selection, stress analysis complexities, and global stability concerns. With DeepEX by your side, these challenges become mere stepping stones to success. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision engineering.

MSE Wall Supporting a Traffic Barrier in DeepEX software

Figure: MSE wall supporting a traffic barrier in DeepEX software

Unlocking Key Capabilities:

Tailored Soil Reinforcements: With DeepEX, you wield the power to choose from a diverse range of soil reinforcements – geogrids, geotextiles, steel strips, and more. Craft your design with unparalleled flexibility and confidence.

  • Versatility Across Projects: From backfills to embankments with soil reinforcements over stone columns, DeepEX adapts to your project's unique needs. Embrace versatility and tackle any engineering challenge head-on.

  • Precise Stress Calculations: Bid farewell to uncertainty. DeepEX crunches the numbers, delivering precise stress calculations on soil reinforcements. Arm yourself with invaluable insights, ensuring structural integrity and performance every step of the way.

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Dive deep into global stability analysis and unravel soil pressures on backfill masses. With DeepEX, you're equipped to make informed decisions, backed by comprehensive analysis at your fingertips.

Embankment with geogrids over stone columns in DeepEX

Figure: Embankment with geogrids over stone columns in DeepEX

Empower yourself with DeepEX – your indispensable ally for MSE wall design mastery.

Geosynthetics are a part of the DeepEX Gravity Walls/Pile Abutments/Sea Walls/MSE module.

Add the options with only $2,000 in your DeepEX package and gain a competitive edge!


Let us show you how to design a deep excavation in minutes!



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