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DeepEX FAQ: Cantilever Exvavations

Question: Can I design cantilever excavations with DeepEX?

In excavation engineering, the cantilever excavation emerges as a fundamental yet critical scenario. Simplifying the modeling process for cantilever excavations is a cornerstone of DeepEX software, ensuring unparalleled ease and efficiency. With just a few steps, users can initiate and construct a comprehensive model for cantilever excavations, streamlining the entire process.

Cantilever excavation in DeepEX software

Fig: Cantilever excavation in DeepEX software


DeepEX offers a spectrum of analytical methods tailored specifically for cantilever excavations, providing users with unprecedented flexibility and customization. Among these methods, the Limit Equilibrium Analysis offers a choice between the Free Earth Method and the Fixed Earth Method. This empowers users to align their analyses with project specifications or preferred calculation methodologies, ensuring precision and accuracy in every aspect of the design and analysis process.

Cantilever excavation methods in DeepEX

Fig.: Cantilever excavation methods in DeepEX

Incorporating a comprehensive range of considerations, DeepEX meticulously accounts for various pressures exerted on the wall, including soil pressures, water pressures, external surcharge pressures, and seismic loads. Through advanced algorithms, the software meticulously analyzes these pressures to generate moment, shear, and displacement graphs, offering invaluable insights into the structural behavior of the cantilever wall.


Furthermore, DeepEX goes beyond mere analysis by providing critical calculations for wall moment and shear capacities in accordance with selected structural codes and wall structural section types. Additionally, the software calculates wall embedment safety factors, meticulously considering applied pressures and moments below the excavation. This holistic approach ensures not only structural integrity but also optimal design solutions.


Presenting results in clear and concise tables and graphs within the software interface, DeepEX facilitates seamless interpretation and utilization of critical data. By offering valuable insights and check ratios, the software enables users to effortlessly optimize structural parameters for enhanced performance and safety.


With its intuitive interface and robust analytical capabilities, DeepEX sets the standard for cantilever excavation design and analysis, empowering engineers and designers to achieve excellence in their projects while ensuring utmost safety and efficiency.


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