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Capabilities/Version DeepEX 2D 2D+ 3D 3D+ 3D City
Design of 2D Excavation Models
Limit Equilibrium Analysis
Non-Linear Analysis
Slope Stability Analysis
Export Sketches to DXF - -
Soil Estimation - Statistical Analysis - -
Cost Estimation - -
3D Models - 3D Frame Analysis - -
Steel Connections - -
3D Model Holograms (HoloDeepEX) - -
Gravity Walls O O O O
Pile Abutments O O O O
Sea Walls - Quay Walls - Wave Pressures O O O O
Finite Element Analysis O O O O
Building Damage Assessment O O O O
Citywide Damage Assessment - - - O
Integration with Monitoring Data - - O O
Deep Maintenance (12 Months)

O: Optional modules that can be added in the software packages upon purchase.


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