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What Engineers Say About our Online Presentations

- I really enjoyed the online training session with the well-experienced trainer Dimitrios Mamoglou. It was well planned and easy for me to follow. Overall I really like the way their team handled the session. I believe that I have more knowledge about DeepEx software that will allow me to teach my students in two classes: Heavy Civil Construction and Hydraulic Engineering at SUU. Thank you so much!

Dr. Mohamed Askar
SOUTHERN UTAH UNIVERSITY, Department of Engineering and Technology

- DeepEx offers optimal and secure solutions for engineers, supports many codes and methodologies. We want to optimize our projects with DeepEx and minimize potential risks on site. I highly recommend it.

Eng.Lulian Muharremi, Design Department
Progeen Construction

- I felt it was customized for us which is appreciated.

Sebastian Lobo-Guerrero, Ph.D., P.E.  Geotechnical Project Manager/ Laboratory Manager
American Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.

- Dimitrios Mamoglou is such an amazing person, very knowledgeable, and very patient with all questions. I really like their team.

Mina A. Mikaeel, P.E.
Kiro Engineering LLC

- The instructor was very knowledgeable and answered specific questions very well. Thanks so much.

Gus Rus P.Eng.
Rus-Tec Engineering Ltd.

- It was nice to see how you approach the start of a project. And it is very helpful to know which methods are the most and least conservative. It would be nice to have a greater discussion on which methods are most appropriate for different load cases.

Mark Hamilton, PE
Structural Earth Engineering

- Very comprehensive presentation, Mr. Mamoglou did very good job on the software demonstration.

David Zhu

- The software covers pretty much all the needs of foundation design. I really appreciate the given time to introduce this type of software, I have mainly used superstructure design software only and I have always wanted to know more about this foundation design softwares.

Santiago Castellanos
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Anil Laboratory

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