Software Demonstration Videos

Below, we include a series of presentations videos that demonstrate the use of our deep excavations design program - DeepEX. The videos are an introduction to the software interface and capabilities, and show in detail how to use most of the software tools to create, analyze and optimize any deep excavation model.

Feel free to review the videos and contact us any time if you have any questions or special requests.

Presentation videos

Presentation Video Part 1:

Analysis methods, interface and construction stages

Presentation Video Part 2:

Soil properties, stratigraphy and custom layers

Presentation Video Part 3:

Project types, wall types and wall sections

Presentation Video Part 4:

Graphically create a model, add supports and loads

Presentation Video Part 5:

Define analysis method and analysis settings

Presentation Video Part 6:

Review results, optimize model and export reports

Presentations_DeepEX_Braced Excavation Projects.png


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