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Our Deep Excavations Design software DeepEX is a great tool for the design and analysis of any shoring project. The basic software version DeepEX 2D can design, optimize and report any 2D excavation design section (all common wall types and support systems) with the classical Limit Equilibrium Analysis method and the Non-Linear Analysis method with elastoplastic soil springs, considering all project construction stages. This allows the fast evaluation of different design model alternatives. Within the program, we offer a series of additional modules that can greatly expand the software capabilities and that can assist all users get the most out of the software.

Standard Software Packages and Add-ons

Below you can find information for each one of the DeepEX packages. They all work in the DeepEX user-friendly environment and can assist with 3D model analysis, cost estimation of projects, design of gravity retaining walls and pile supported abutments, design of gravity type quay walls considering wave pressures and overtopping flowrates, design and optimize the steel connections, export your drawings to DXF in seconds, do building damage assessment, perform statistical analysis for estimated soil properties and more!

Capabilities/Version DeepEX  2D   2D+   3D   3D+ 3D City
Design of 2D Excavation Models
Limit Equilibrium Analysis
Non-Linear Analysis
Slope Stability Analysis
Export Sketches to DXF - -
Soil Estimation - Statistical Analysis - -
Cost Estimation - -
3D Models - 3D Frame Analysis - -
Steel Connections - -
3D Model Holograms (HoloDeepEX) - -
Gravity Walls O O O O
Pile Abutments O O O O
Sea Walls - Quay Walls - Wave Pressures O O O O
Finite Element Analysis O O O O
Building Damage Assessment O O O O
Citywide Damage Assessment - - - O
Integration with Monitoring Data - - O O
Deep Maintenance (12 Months)

DeepEX Additional Modules

DeepEX software program comes packed with additional, optional modules that can expand the software capabilities. Below you can access extensive information about the optional modules and features, and find out which software package covers all your needs. 

Additional modules can be added upon purchase or any time afterwards, and enhance the software features. If you wish to learn more about our pricing options, or how to expand the capabilities of your software version, feel free to contact us: Email:


Find Out about our Additional Modules Capabilities:

12. Cost Estimation Info New2.PNG

Cost Estimation

DeepEX can perform total project cost estimation (labor - materials - quantities).

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11. 3D Models Info New2.PNG

3D Frame Analysis

DeepEX can create and design 3D models (full models with supports and walers).

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40. Finite Element Analysis.png

Finite Elements

DeepEX can design any excaation model with the Finite Element Analysis method, considering full soil-structure interaction.

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39. HoloDeepEX.png

Excavation Holograms

DeepEX can generate 3D excavation model holograms and import the site map and buildings directly from Google.

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33. Export to DXF Info New2.PNG

Export Project Sketches to DXF Files

DeepEX can generate your excavation drawings with one click.

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14. Pile Abutments Info New2.PNG

Gravity Walls & Pile Abutments

Full design of gravity retaining walls and pile supported abutments.

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35. Sea Walls New2.PNG

Sea Walls - Wave Pressures & Overtopping

DeepEX software can design gravity type quay walls (segmental, block type).

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32. Building Damage Assessment New2.PNG

Building Damage Assessment

DeepEX software can perform damage assessment for all project buildings.

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15. Soil Estimation Info New2.PNG

Soil Estimation & Statistical Analysis

DeepEX can estimate soil properties from SPT tests and perfom a statistical analysis.

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38. Steel Connections3.PNG

Steel Connections on DeepEX 3D Frame Models

DeepEX can design the steel connections between all model struts and walers.

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