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Geotechnical and foundation engineering professionals trust our software programs to design their deep excavation and foundation pile projects on a daily basis! Infused with great engineering expertise and packed with the latest structural and geotechnical standards, our user-friendly programs can be used to solve simple and complex issues in the everyday working life of engineers and contractors.

The design of underground structures can be a difficult and extremely time consuming experience. The volume of risks and parameters that need to be taken into consideration by the geotechnical engineers is huge, and the evaluation of the retaining walls and foundation systems with different methods and according to different standards can be tiring, especially with the use of older software programs, spreadsheets and time-consuming hand calculations. Since 2004, our company Deep Excavation offers training and superior software solutions for deep excavations and foundation piles professionals! With more than 3000 users worldwide, our user-friendly and powerful software programs have been used for the preliminary and final design of more than 10000 excavation and foundation projects, all over the world.

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