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Slope Stability Example - Simple Slope with Pore Pressures

Slope Stability Example with Pore Pressures

The soil parameters of this problem, the external loadings and the piezometric surface are shown in Tables 1, 1 and 3 respectively. The effect of the tension crack is to be ignored.  The factor of safety and its corresponding critical non-circular failure surface is required.

Table 1: Material Properties

Table 2: External Loading

Table 3: Data for Piezometric surface

Figure 1- Model of the problem

Note: Referee Factor of Safety = 0.78 [Giam]

Mean Non-circular FOS (20 samples) = 0.808

Referee GLE Factor of Safety = 0.6878 [Slope 2000]

Figure 2– SPENCER - Normal model solution

Figure 3– SPENCER - Reversed model solution


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