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Pump Station in Cyprus - DeepEX Project

Secant pile deep excavation in Cyprus

From 2D and 3D excavation design, to virtual reality, and actual build

Project Designed with DeepEX Software

A 6.5m deep excavation in highwater table conditions was supported by a perimeter secant pile wall with one level of internal bracing. Haris Lamaris and associates used DeepEX to quickly size the deep excavation. The process involved analyzing a 2D section of the excavation first with conventional and nonlinear analysis methods in DeepEX. Then, the internal bracing model was setup with the frame analysis module of DeepEX where the structural design of the framing was performed. Last, the frame model (internal walers and braces) was exported in 3D, virtual reality, and augmented reality with HoloDeepEX. The excavation, constructed by Stylianou construction, has been completed and the resemblance with the 3D virtual reality model is stunning!

Pump Station in Cyprus - DeepEX Project

Pump Station in Cyprus - DeepEX Project

Pump Station in Cyprus - DeepEX Project

The project was constructed by Stylianou construction:


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