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Large Scale Planning and Optimization for Urban Tunneling Works

Planning and deciding on a proposed tunnel alignment in an urban environment presents many challenges involving bringing in expertise from different disciplines.

The cost of station construction, tunnel, shoring, and impact on existing structures ideally all need to be considered.

While the impact on existing structures of proposed tunneling works has the potential to derail project schedules, it could rarely be considered in planning phases due to the complexity of bringing in all the required data.

With advancements in technology that has now changed.

We can now bring in building and elevation information from public data sources together with geotechnical and structural tunnel and temporary excavation systems.

Bringing in all these data, allows engineers to relatively quickly estimate tunnelling costs and potential impact on adjacent construction and delivers better decision making while minimizing potential risks.

DeepEX Citywide Tunnelling Package allows you to do just that.

It is the only commercial software package that allows engineers to quickly generate a full tunneling project and estimated the total cost of excavation and tunneling works as well as provide a detailed impact cost on adjacent structures.

Figure 1: Large Scale Tunnelling Impact Assessment for entire subway alignment

Figure 2: Effect of excavation works on adjacent structures

Figure 3: Simplified Tunnel Settlement and Impact Analysis on Adjacent Structure Imported from Google

Figure 4: Automatically Generated Shoring Scheme for Planning Level Analysis


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