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Deadman Sheet Piles in Barranquilla - DeepEX Project

Deadman sheet pile wall for Riverwalk in Colombia

Designed with DeepEX Software

A new pedestrian river walk project has been constructed along the river in Barranquilla, Colombia. Construction of the river walk was made possible by installing a deadman-tierod sheet pile system. In this approach, the river side sheet piles are braced laterally by tierods connected to passive “deadman” sheet piles that provide passive resistance to the tierod forces. The distance between the two sheet pile wall lines is critical since placing the deadman wall too close will induce a portion of the passive resistance forces on the front wall and make the system less stable.

The project was designed by Centra Ingeneria y Construccion located in Cali, Colombia. The design was completed with the DeepEX software which provided all the required checks for the tierods, sheet piles, and allowed the design team to quickly evaluate different scenarios.

Deadman Sheet Piles in Barranquilla - DeepEX Project

Deadman Sheet Piles in Barranquilla - DeepEX Project


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