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Concrete Diaphragm Walls in Albania - DeepEX Project

23m Diaphragm Wall Deep Excavation for Downtown One, Tirana, Albania

Designed with DeepEX Software

Concrete Diaphragm Walls in Albania - DeepEX Project

Downtown One is a mix-use building comprising of 37 stories and 5 underground parking floors, set in the center of Tirana, Albania. The building provides a combination between luxurious residential living, top quality offices, and retail area designed for premium brands.

Downtown One is the first and the only construction project in Albania that introduces a new level of innovation, modern architecture and maximum sustainability.

The project will be completed in 2024.

Downtown One offers 5 underground parking floors and over 300 parking spaces. Total Surface of parking for the 5 underground floors is 19185m2.

Project contributors for Downtown One include: The Studio, Kastrati, and the local company LEAL CSE that provided the excavation support, foundation, and superstructure design. Downtown One will be one of the most sustainable and safest construction development in Albania. The architectural project of Downtown One is designed by architectural studio MVRDV.

The deep excavation support system consisted of a reinforced concrete diaphragm supported by three to five levels pretension ground anchors. The excavation support system had to protect a neighboring eighteen stories building to the left, a four stories concrete building located behind, and a two stories adjacent parking to the right. Thus, soil and wall deformation control was very important to the project success.

Lateral wall displacement monitoring of the 23 m deep diaphragm wall of Downtown One was performed by local construction studio LEAL LTD, with the help of ‘SiteMaster 2018 ”, an engineering software developed by Deep Excavation LLC. “SiteMaster” is a modern and powerful software program for processing and presenting inclinometer readings, that delivered additional ease as it allowed the designers to optimize the reinforcement density along the panels.

Special thanks to Kastrati Construction and LEAL CSE, for sharing relevant information with our community!

Concrete Diaphragm Walls in Albania - DeepEX Project

Concrete Diaphragm Walls in Albania - DeepEX Project

Concrete Diaphragm Walls in Albania - DeepEX Project

Concrete Diaphragm Walls in Albania - DeepEX Project


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