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Unleash Your Full Potential with DeepEX

DeepEX: Your Ultimate Geotechnical Design Companion

Envision a world where your engineering projects thrive, empowered by a tool that redefines your approach. Enter DeepEX, a game-changer trusted by more than 3000 professional engineers and contractors worldwide. This exceptional software isn't just about design; it's about elevating your capabilities to new heights. With a commitment to making computerized simulations accessible, DeepEX isn't content with being a simple tool – it steps up as your trusted partner, advisor, and collaborator in the vast landscape of geotechnical engineering and consulting. As you journey through this article, you'll unearth the transformative potential that DeepEX brings to your industry, setting you on a path of innovation and success.

Q: Is DeepEX solely a FEM software?

A: Beyond FEM, DeepEX offers you a comprehensive suite of analysis methods, seamlessly integrated. From traditional Limit Equilibrium Method to advanced Non-Linear analysis with elastoplastic Winkler springs and the Finite Element Analysis, it empowers you to fluidly switch and validate models using different approaches. This not only unveils critical conditions but also reinforces final designs, ensuring safer project outcomes. See the illustration below for a braced excavation model analyzed through both LEM and FEM in DeepEX.

Figure 1: Cofferdam Model in DeepEX - LEM VS FEM Analysis Results

Q: Can DeepEX model excavation effects on existing structures?

A: Absolutely, with the DeepFEM engine. DeepEX facilitates concurrent analysis and design of soil-bound elements like foundation piles, utility lines, and tunnels through its Finite Element analysis engine. This unprecedented capability empowers you to thoroughly assess construction stages, offering you insights into potential risks and efficiencies. The figure below showcases a TBM tunnel with segmental lining adjacent to a basement wall excavation, with details ranging from tunnel lining to excavation wall moments and soil displacement arrows.

Figure 2: Tunnel adjacent to a deep excavation - Analysis with DeepEX FEM engine

Q: Is DeepEX specialized in geotechnical or structural aspects?

A: It adeptly merges both domains, enabling you to attain a comprehensive view of your excavation projects. DeepEX comprehensively analyzes shoring systems, encompassing wall stress components and support reactions. It not only identifies critical stages but also performs exhaustive structural checks, leveraging a wide spectrum of codes and standards (Eurocodes, ACI, AISC, LRFD, NTC, DIN, BS, AS/NZS, Chinese, Indian, Canadian, and more). The following figure portrays calculated support reactions, check ratios, and a glimpse of the exportable structural check equations from DeepEX.

Figure 3: Anchored excavation - Results and Structural Equations Sample

Q: Can DeepEX handle complex project plans?

A: Certainly, with its 3D expansion capability. DeepEX seamlessly accommodates export, analysis, and design of structural elements within complete 3D models. This extends to anchor, strut, and waler reactions, automatic optimization, steel connection assessments, cost estimations, and even integration of site maps and elevations from DXF files. The outcome is a visually striking 3D model featuring construction stages, poised to impress clients.

Figure 4: 3D model analysis in DeepEX – 3D Hologram in HoloDeepEX

Q: What about deliverables?

A: DeepEX streamlines deliverable generation. It offers customizable reports in PDF and Word formats, encompassing detailed structural checks and design equations. Additionally, the Export Sketches to DXF feature facilitates seamless transition to CAD software, ensuring comprehensive documentation. DeepEX thus evolves from a design tool to a project lifecycle companion, culminating in efficient model optimization and deliverable production.

Q: How easy is it to transition to DeepEX?

A: Transitioning to DeepEX is intuitive and supported. The software is fortified with a wealth of resources, including comprehensive training materials, instructive videos, and detailed user and theory manuals. Our dedicated technical support team accelerates your journey by providing guidance on software capabilities and promptly addressing queries. Engage in a free 30-minute web meeting with our experts to experience firsthand how DeepEX aligns with your precise needs.

By harnessing DeepEX's prowess, engineers and contractors empower themselves with an all-encompassing solution that transcends conventional boundaries, fostering ingenuity and excellence in geotechnical engineering endeavors.


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