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Steel Connections in DeepEX

Add on to the DeepEX 3D Frame Analysis Module

Steel connection design can be time consuming for deep excavation design. The new Steel-Connection module allows you to easily generate all steel connections for walers to struts, and corner walers. Once a design is complete the steel connections can be optimized with a click of the button. The program will then automatically adjust weld sizes and apply plate stiffeners if required. Steel-connections can be evaluated with AISC 360-16 allowable or LRFD.

Figure: Strut - Waler Connections in a DeepEX 3D Frame Model.

Figure: Waler - Waler Connections in a DeepEX 3D Frame Model.

Save Time and Effort in the design of your Steel Connections!

How it Works

With the Steel Connections module activated, we can access the Waler-Waler or Strut Waler connections (weld) on the model area. In the dialog that appears we can define the connector type, choosing from a vatiety of available sections depending on the selected beam item (H beams, knife plates, direct connections, H beam with cover plates and more). Next, we can define the welded part positions on the connector, the weld thickness, the overlap between the connector beam and the strut and more.

Figure: Connection Types & Properties - Welded Parts in DeepEX

After the model analysis, we can access again each connection dialog and review the selected connections results and the evaluation with the use of the selected structural code.

Figure: Steel Connection Results in DeepEX - Stiffeners, Weld and Studs

DeepEX Software Packages

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