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Innovation in Geotechnical Engineering: Discover Our Mission

Deep Excavation is on a mission to revolutionize the world of geotechnical engineering. We stand out as more than just a software company; we are your partners in progress. Our dedication lies in making geotechnical engineering practices accessible, intuitive, and powerful for engineers worldwide.

Our commitment revolves around the development of cutting-edge, user-friendly, robust, and top-quality deep excavation calculation and design software tools that cater to various design methods. Recognizing the complexity of geotechnical engineering, we're here to simplify the process for you. Furthermore, we take extra steps by providing comprehensive training and support to all our users. Our goal is to ensure that you unlock the full potential of our software and harness its incredible features effortlessly.

Figure 1: Deep Excavation – Superior software solutions for geotechnical engineers and contractors

Our vision extends beyond software alone; we aim to make computerized simulations accessible on a global scale. This empowerment serves geotechnical engineers and consultants worldwide, whether you're working on a skyscraper foundation in New York or a dam in Brazil. In addition to software, Deep Excavation offers top-notch consulting services to our diverse clientele. We're here to gather unique insights and provide tailored solutions for your excavation and construction projects. Your success is our priority!

Figure 2: Projects designed with our software – More than 3000 users - 10000 projects worldwide

We build a vibrant community of passionate deep excavation professionals. Our platform is your interactive hub—a place to exchange ideas, implement innovations, and push the boundaries of geotechnical engineering. Together, we can advance this incredible art and science.

Figure 3: Our expanding Deep Excavation community

Deep Excavation is driven by a singular purpose — we serve humanity with the most advanced geotechnical technologies ever created. Our journey is one of constant progress, with regular updates and new product releases. Innovation never stops because the future of geotechnical engineering is full of exciting possibilities.

Join us in this incredible journey. Explore what Deep Excavation has to offer, and together, let's redefine the world of geotechnical engineering. Your success is our mission!


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