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Gravity Walls and Pile Supported Abutments

The Gravity Walls and Pile supported abutments optional module, allows you to can design any gravity retaining wall, piers (3D Gravity Wall Sections) and abutments with multiple foundation piles within the DeepEX user-friendly, interactive interface.

How it Works

The user can create basic types of gravity walls such as full gravity or with stem. Flexural, reinforcement can be included in the section. DeepEX calculates all common results (wall moments, shear forces, displacements and more), as well as, the sliding and overturning safety factors of the gravity wall. A gravity wall can also be used as a pier or an abutment wall with piles.

In DeepEX, we can select to add piles (fixed to a pile cap or not), define the pile positions (X and Y coordinates), length, inclination and local rotation, and select to edit the pile structural section. The pile sections can be of any type or shape (reinforced concrete, steel sections, timber piles, plain concrete). DeepEX distributes the reaction on the pile head to each pile depending on the pile position and performs all pile design calculations (axial and lateral pile analysis), calculating the pile displacements, moment and shear diagrams and capacities, the pile bearing capacities and more.

DeepEX Software Packages

Start with the Basic Version - Power Up with Additional Modules!

DeepEX offers a series of options and additional modules that can greatly expand the software capabilities and cover your exact needs! Find out about the DeepEX software packages pricing and licensing.


Let us show you how to design a deep excavation in minutes!



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