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3D Finite Element Analysis for Foundation Piles

DeepFND Software - 3D FEM Analysis Module

Design Your Pile System with the Soil Springs and FE Methods!

While the conventional P-Y method can accurately model most piled foundations, there are circumstances where a project will require an advanced modelling technique with a refined representation of the foundation and its surrounding structures. Our 3D FEM module will greatly expand the capabilities of our Deep Foundations and Helical Piles Design Software (DeepFND and HelixPile). With this module, the user will have the option of modelling pile groups and pile rafts with the Finite Element Method (FEM).

3D Finite Element Analysis for Foundation Piles

3D Finite Element Analysis for Foundation Piles

Features and Capabilities with the New Module

The FEM approach provides several additional options to the geotechnical engineer, namely:

(a) Ideal approach for the simulation of piled rafts as the method provides a detailed consideration of soil structure interaction (Interaction between adjacent piles, pile-cap soil interaction, passive pressure on cap sides and other interaction effects are all implicitly considered with the FEM approach).

(b) The user can monitor the effect of the foundation response at any location of the project as displacement and stress reports are available for the overall soil medium/surface and not just in the proximity of the piles

(c) Settlement through time for foundations on soft clays can be fully investigated with the coupled Biot consolidation analysis

(d) Dynamic response of the foundation under an earthquake excitation can be fully captured by considering wave propagation from the bedrock to the foundation location (consideration of both kinematic and inertial interaction).

3x3 Pile Group Analysis with Multiple Software - DeepFND 3D FEM Verification

3D Finite Element Analysis for Foundation Piles


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