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Pile Groups and Pile Raft Software - DeepFND

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Pile Groups and Pile Raft Software - DeepFND

DeepFND and HelixPile Software Programs can design single foundation piles, concrete pile caps of any shape with pile groups and pile rafts.

Pile rafts are structural foundation systems that derive their strength from the combined pile and base soil resistance. The term “raft” in pile rafts, refers to the fact that the combined foundation is “floating” in soil. In contrast to traditional pile caps, pile rafts are designed for settlement response rather than structural capacity. In this type of approach, the full geotechnical capacity of the pile foundations is typically utilized, and piles are treated as settlement reducing elements.

Available pile raft solutions today are primarily based on theory of elasticity equations or computationally intensive 3D finite element solutions. The real challenge with 3D finite element solutions for pile rafts are:

a) They still do not offer realistic means of capturing proper pile installation effects that influence pile behavior.

b) They are computationally intensive.

c) Meshing or interface modelling issues may cause significant discrepancies

While theory of elasticity methods are rather simple to use, on the other hand have the following disadvantages:

a) They ignore non-linear pile response

b) They ignore non-linear settlement response

c) They ignore soil strength

Given these issues, we developed a new method to evaluate pile raft response. In our DeepFND pile raft software model, we are now offering:

a) Non-linear soil response by expanding the theory of elasticity approach to consider the bearing capacity of soils.

b) Non-linear axial pile response

c) Hardening soil model elasticity parameters

d) Full lateral pile modeling

e) Adjustment of no skin friction transfer zone for internal piles when pile raft response is considered. Based on our discussions with several researchers, internal piles do not develop skin friction to a substantial depth since there is no differential strain between the soil pushed by the raft and the piles.

Considering pile raft response can save money. Modelling pile rafts though requires a more thorough geotechnical investigation, and a more detailed evaluation. Our DeepFND pile raft software module can help you realize these savings.

Pile Groups and Pile Raft Software - DeepFND

Pile Raft in Poland - Pile Analysis Results and Pile Cap Settlements (DeepFND Verification Model)


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