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3D Excavation Models in DeepEX Software

3D Frame Analysis in DeepEX

DeepEX 3D Frame analysis module allows the users to create, any braced excavation or anchored walls 3D model. The software uses the assigned 2D sections or loading patterns on the surrounding walls to calculate the pressures, analyzed the walls and performs full design for all model structural items (walers, struts, tiebacks).

Figure: An Anchored Wall and a Braced Excavation 3D Model in DeepEX

How it Works

The frame module enables you to design excavations supported by walers, struts and tiebacks. The 3D definitions consist of an external project perimeter and an excavation perimeter. A wall perimeter is typically assigned to the excavation perimeter, with the possibility of assigning a different wall section (relating to a design section) on each wall segment (between nodes). Walers are attached to wall segments, and different loads along the waler from different design sections can be defined. Once the walers are in place, struts can be drawn between walers and the excavation shoring can be analyzed. Based on your analysis results, DeepEX will pick up the load from each design section and figure out reactions and stress checks on walers and struts.

The frame module works better for box shaped excavations, additional modelling maybe required for re-entrant corners or special conditions. Some simplifying assumptions are made regarding how axial loads are distributed.

Main Features

  • Use Base 2D Models to generate 3D Model

  • Walers and struts/tiebacks are automatically generated

  • View each support level

  • Manage support/wall sections

  • View wall Moment, Shear and Deflection diagrams

  • View support reactions for each support/each construction stage

  • Create more composite site shapes

  • Total cost estimation

DeepEX Software Packages

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DeepEX offers a series of options and additional modules that can greatly expand the software capabilities and cover your exact needs! Find out about the DeepEX software packages pricing and licensing.


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