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DeepEX 3D City Package

Design & Analyze 2D & 3D Excavation Models! Design Metro Stations and Tunnels! Transportation Analysis, City Damage Assessment & more!

With our DeepEX 3D City Package you can:

✓ Import City Map from Google

✓ Import all Buildings from Google

✓ Define, design and analyze all metro stations on your city map

✓ Define, desig and analyze all tunnels on your city map

✓ Perform transportation analysis and find the optimum locations for your metro stations

✓ Create cut sections at regular intervals along your tunnel lines and calculate settlements from consodilation and soil loss from the tunnel construction

✓ Perform damage assessment and calculate repair costs for all city buildings

✓ Full integration with monitoring data (connection with our SiteMaster software)

and enjoy all shoring design capabilities of our DeepEX software:

✓ Design 2D cut sections of any deep excavation model

✓ Define all common wall types: Soldier piles, secant/tanglent piles, sheet piles, diaphragms +more

✓ Define all common support systems: Cantilever excavations, cofferdams, anchored walls, deadman systems, slabs, internal bracing (struts and rakers), circular shafts +more

✓ Analyze deep excavations with the classical Limit Equilibrium approach

✓ Analyze deep excavations with the Non-Linear analysis method (elastoplastic Winkler springs)

✓ Analyze deep excavations with the Finite Element Analysis method (2D FEM)

✓ Perform full structural capacity calculations and review structural checks for all walls and supports

✓ Perform slope stability analysis

✓ Estimate soil properties & perform statistical analysis

✓ Export all 2D section, wall section details and project plan view sketches to DXF

✓ Export detailed reports with equations to PDF and MS Word formats

✓ Design and analyze tunnels (TBM, NATM, HDD pipes)

✓ Define and design tunnel linings

✓ Generate, analyze and optimize full 3D frame models

✓ Review Cost Estimation Report

✓ Check and Optimize all Steel Connections

✓ Automatically generate 2D Cut Sections

✓ Export 3D Model Holograms

✓ Perform damage assessments on adjacent buildings, calculating strains, crack widths, damage categories and more for all building walls

✓ Design gravity retaining walls of any shape

✓ Design pile supported abutments

✓ Design sea walls (segmental block walls, gravity caisson walls and more) with automatic calculation of the wave pressures and overtopping flow rates

✓ Desing MSE walls, use soil reinforcements (geogrids, geotextiles, steel strips), design embankments with soil reinforcements and more

DeepEX has been the ultimate software solution for the design of deep excavation projects for years! We proudly announce that our latest package allows us to model entire cities and tunneling projects, offering a complete solution for metro design challenges! Now you can bring in your whole city map with all buildings and surface elevations from Google, perform transportation analysis and place your ideal station locations in the city map automatically, create fast your tunnel alignments, analyze and optimize the whole model, and review the expected damages and repair costs for each building affected by your tunnel line with a click of a single button!

With DeepEX 3D City, you can model an entire metro line in as little as a couple of HOURS!

DeepEX 3D City is our most complete package, including all available modules of our DeepEX software! Now, you can design both 2D cut sections and full 3D models of any excavation project. You can also analyze any common wall/support system with the classical Limit Equilibrium Method, the Non-Linear Analysis with Soil Springs (Beam on Elastoplastic Foundations Approach), and the Finite Element Analysis approach! Design tunnels, including all construction stages, and perform transportation analysis which helps you locate the optimum station locations, estimate your tunneling costs and benefits, and perform a damage assessment in your city—calculating the repair costs for all City buildings affected by your tunnel line and more!

Are you designing transport or utility tunnels? With the DeepEX 3D City package, you can design any tunnel type, from cut-and-cover tunnels to more composite tunnel sections, tunnels constructed with the Tunnel Boring Machine Method (TBM Tunnels) or the Sequential Excavation Method (SEM - NATM Tunnels) considering full soil structure interaction! Now you can simulate all your tunnel and utility lines and monitor the impact of your deep excavation projects.


DeepEX Tunneling Features

Analyze Tunnels with the Finite Element Method

Design Cut-and-Cover, TBM, NATM Tunnels

Circular, Horse-Shoe, Rectangular, Custom Sections

Include the full Tunnel Construction Sequence

Consider full Soil-Structure Interactions

Calculate Moments, Shear, Displacements

Consider all Tunnel Construction Stages

Full structural capacity calculations

Fig.: Twin Tunnels – FEM Analysis in DeepEX

Do you need to have full structural checks of your tunnel lining?

Save time as DeepEX calculates the structural capacity of a wide variety of tunnel lining sections. All sections can be analyzed for combined axial and bending moment loads, from concrete, and corrugated sheets, to steel ribs. Wizards allow you to quickly model typical tunneling arrangements with or without rock bolting

Fig.: NATM Tunnel with Rock Bolts and Wizard with DeepEX with different lining section options

Do you wish to design your full deep excavation project in a single software file?

With the DeepEX 3D package, you can generate any deep excavation perimeter and design the whole excavation model with a click, including all construction stages. Any model can be created in seconds with the software Wizards. The user can review all analysis results, project cost estimation, structural checks, steel connection checks, and more in tables and graphically on the model area. Impress your clients and discover construction challenges with 3D Model Visualization.

DeepEX can perform structural design on all structural members (supports and walls)! Now, you can have a full structural and geotechnical design of your deep excavation project in a single software suite in compliance with structural and geotechnical standards (US, Canadian, European, Australian, Indian, and Chinese codes are implemented into the program). The software calculates the wall moment and shear capacities, the support structural and geotechnical capacities, and more. All equations can be reviewed and can be included in the printed reports!


2D – 3D Model Features in DeepEX

Generate, Analyze & Optimize 2D Sections

Generate, Analyze & Optimize 3D Models

Perform Limit Equilibrium Analysis & Non-Linear Analysis with Soil Springs

Review all Result Graphs & Structural Checks for all Supports/Stages

Review Cost Estimation Report

Check and Optimize all Steel Connections

Import City Map from Google

Import all Buildings from Google

Automatically generate 2D Cut Sections

Export 3D Model Holograms

Fig.: Anchored Excavation – Sheet Pile Wall with Tiebacks

Fig.: DeepEX 3D Frame Model Analysis

Fig.: DeepEX 3D Model Hologram

What is the best location for a station within a Metro route?

With the DeepEX 3D City package, you can perform a planning-level transportation analysis for your city and the new proposed subway system. The software can implement basic or detailed route analysis for each city building and estimate travel distances to the nearest stations. This way, transportation level improvements can be quantified in estimating how many potential people are served in 5 min, 10min, etc., walking distance intervals.


Transportation Analysis Capabilities

Calculate the number of people each building may have on each occasion

Review the individual route from each building to the station with graphical visuality

Review the time each route requires

Review an approximation of the people each station can serve at any given time

Fig.: Detailed Transportation Analysis in DeepEX

How can we estimate the tunneling project cost and benefits?

Estimating a route's cost and benefits can be highly challenging at a planning level. DeepEX simplifies the process by providing cost estimation procedures for the station and tunneling works based on established research works and real tunneling experience. The cost estimates can range from preliminary to quite detailed, including the potential cost of deformation damage induced on existing structures.


Cost & Benefit Analysis Capabilities

Planning level cost estimate for tunneling and station works

Tunneling cost estimates can be associated to geological conditions

Detailed cost estimates for excavation works

Estimate of potential building damage and utility costs

Cost-benefit analysis

Fig.: Planning Level Cost & Service Analysis for M5 Copenhagen proposed Metro Line

How long does it take you to search and apply all existing buildings in your design? What about utilities?

With the DeepEX 3D package, you can import all existing structures, surface elevations, utilities, and more directly into the model area with a click of a button! All building maps and elevations can be directly imported from Google or CadMapper, and city utilities can be imported from QGIS! Save time and effort in your preliminary metro route designs and be competitive.


DeepEX Import Capabilities

Import buildings from Google

Import buildings from

Estimate building dimensions and loads

Draw a project region directly on the map

Import surface elevations

Import utility lines

Fig.: DeepEX - Imported Map and Buildings - Chicago IL

Do you need to assess the impact of the tunnel construction on the adjacent buildings?

With the DeepEX 3D City package, you can automatically generate 2D Cut Sections along the tunnel and utility lines at regular intervals. DeepEX can estimate ground movements from consolidation, dewatering, and soil loss caused by tunnel construction and deep excavations. With DeepEX, you can perform damage assessments on all city structures affected by the tunnel line and estimate repair costs.


Citywide Tunnel Damage Assessment Options

Import elevation data & city structures from Google

Import utility alignments from GIS

Automatically generate sections along tunnel

Estimate excavation & tunnel induced ground movements

Estimate settlements from soil loss & consolidation

Perform damage assessment on affected structures

Estimate damage costs for each structure

Damage and risk categorization with subway authority standards.

Fig.: Tunel Induced Settlements and Damage Cost Estimation on Buildings

Do you wish to back-check your deep excavation design based on monitoring data during the construction?

With the DeepEX 3D City package, you can import data from our SiteMaster software inclinometers and connect load cells and strain gages. You can perform live structural and geotechnical checks on anchors, walers, and struts, examine structures against predetermined displacement limits and display graphs in 2D sections and plan view.


Monitoring Options

Import inclinometer readings from our SiteMaster software

Associate inclinometers with construction stages

Calculate bending moments from inclinometers

Perform live checks on all supports and walers

Check models under predefined displacements