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Tunnels in DeepEX: TBM Tunnels with Segmental Linings

Segmental Linings – Gaskets – Bolts – Fire DesignFinite Elements/Soil Spring Analysis

Produce design calculations for your segmental lining tunnel and reduce your design time by up to 75%. From TBM checks to joints and fire design, all major design checks are available in one package. Solve your segmental lining tunnel with either FEM or stage depended soil springs. Consider the effects on surcharge loads in either FEM or a soil spring solution. This is the most complete segmental tunnel lining solution!

DeepEX FEM - Segmental Lining & TBM checks:

- TBM Checks

- Bolt Checks

- Segmental Joint Stresses & Rotation

- Fire Resistance (Eurocode 2)

- Train Loading

- Bursting Checks

- Gasket Seal Checks

- Reinforcement Optimization

- Full Equation Report

DeepEX – The only software that includes all segmental lining and TBM checks in a single software suite!

How does it work?

Step 1: Edit Soil Properties & Stratigraphy (Boreholes)

- Create a list of soils – Define or estimate the general soil properties

- Edit soil model options

- Create/edit boring

Step 2: Open Tunnel Wizard – Define Tunnel Position & Lining

- Select to apply segmental lining

- Select concrete lining section

- Define number of stages

- Define soil loss %

- Select to examine fire

Step 3: Define & Apply a TBM Machine

- Create TBM machines

- Edit TBM machine properties

- Assign a created TBM machine

Step 4: Define General Tunnel Properties

- Define a joint offset width

- Select to calculate tunnel crack widths

Step 5: Edit / Add Gasket Profiles

- Access tunnel gasket profiles

- Create a profile or import one from the software implemented database

Step 6: Edit Segmental Ring Arrangements – Use Bolts & Gaskets

- Use bolts

- Select bolt size & material

- Specify number of bolts

- Select a seal gasket profile

Finite Element Method & Soil Spring Analysis Results

Analysis & checking summary table for the analyzed tunnel

Settlements for soil loss 0.5% – Stage 1

Finite Element Analysis

Settlements for soil loss 0.5% – Stage 1

Conventional Analysis

Tunnel moment & moment capacity

Tunnel construction - Stage 2 (FEM Analysis)

Tunnel moment & moment capacity

Tunnel Construction - Stage 2 (Spring Analysis)

Total displacement arrows & values

Stage 2

Optimize the TBM lining

Select the suggested reinforcement

Segmental joint stresses & joint rotation

Stage 3

Tunnel moment capacity after 240 min fire

(Capacity is reduced because of fire – EC2)

Results table summary for segmental joints, bursting, & other TBM checks

Summary table for gasket analysis results

Summary table for bolt analysis results

Video Example: A TBM Tunnel Simulated and Analyzed with DeepEX Software:


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