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Minimize Risk with Geotechnical Visualization

Minimize geotechnical risk by visualizing geotechnical site estimates in maps

Up to now visualizing geotechnical site variations was restricted to high end projects as engineers lacked the necessary solution to visualize such changes. Data from SPT, lab tests, and CPT can now be easily visualized in plan at any elevation range with GeoBase. The following images show a combination of SPT and CPT friction and elasticity estimate contours produced at various elevation ranges. Equipped with this tool you can more quickly identify critical areas and minimize geotechnical risk.

Minimize Risk with Geotechnical Visualization

Image 1: Contours of Estimated Friction Angle

Minimize Risk with Geotechnical Visualization

Image 2: Contours of Estimated Elasticity Modulus

With our GeoBase Software you can estimate your soil properties from SPT and CPT, create geotechnical cross sections, edit boring logs and process laboratory data in a single software suite!



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