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Finite Element Analysis in DeepEX - DeepFEM Engine

DeepFEM - our own Finite Element Analysis Engine can be included in any DeepEX software package as an optional module, expanding the software analysis capabilities. The FEM analysis module considers full soil-structure interaction within any deep excavation model, allowing us to consider more composite cases and scenarios, take into consideration existing structures and foundation piles, tunnels and more. FEM analysis can consider all construction stage effects. DeepEX does all the stiffness calculations and helps you estimate FEM analysis parameters.

What is the Finite Element Analysis Method (FEM)

The Finite Element Method (FEM) is a numerical method for solving engineering problems. Over the last years, it is adopted by several structural and geotechnical design software programs and it offers an advanced solution to complex soil retaining problems. FEM uses mesh generation techniques for dividing a complex problem into smaller parts, called finite elements, that can be described by simpler equations. The simple equations that model these finite elements along with the model boundary conditions can then be assembled into a system of equations that models the entire problem.

With the FEM Module activated, DeepEX offers a complete set of all analysis methods for deep excavations!

Finite Element Analysis in DeepEX - DeepFEM Engine
Image: Anchored Wall - FEM Analysis: Wall Moments and Deflection Diagrams, Support Reaction and Check Ratios

Finite Element Analysis Options in DeepEX Software

DeepEX software uses our Finite Element Analysis method engine, DeepFEM. This option was originally released in DeepEX 2019, and since then it has been improved with additional options. The following features are available:

  • Elastic and inelastic soil constitutive laws with associative or non-associative Failure Criteria (e.g. Mohr-Coulomb, Drucker-Prager, Soil Hardening).

  • Drained and Undrained modelling of clays with excess pore pressures.

  • External loads: Prescribed, surface Strip and Linear Surcharges, 3D Loads (Buildings, Footings, Area Loads).

  • Automated, high-quality mesh generation with quadratic triangular finite elements.

  • Inelastic zero thickness interface elements automatically generated on soil to structural element interfaces.

  • Steady state seepage analysis where the user can define boundary conditions, drains and wells.

  • Expert decision making on the estimation of the FEM analysis parameters.

  • Calculation of Surface Settlements.

  • Tiedowns and Slab Columns analysis.

  • Deadman Wall Systems.

  • Design of Anchored walls and Braced excavations.

  • Analysis of Multiple walls.

  • NATM,TBM tunnels.

DeepEX Software Packages

Start with the Basic Version - Power Up with Additional Modules!

DeepEX offers a series of options and additional modules that can greatly expand the software capabilities and cover your exact needs! Find out about the DeepEX software packages pricing and licensing.


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