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Discover SiteMaster

Elevate Your Geostructural Monitoring with Complete Data Presentation & Processing

Step into a complete inclinometer and geo-structural data understanding with SiteMaster – your ultimate monitoring software solution for deep excavations, inclinometers, mines, tiltmeters, and more. Going beyond traditional monitoring software, SiteMaster empowers you to seamlessly import, process, and present raw inclinometer and sensor data. Curious to know why SiteMaster has garnered such excitement within the geotechnical and geostructural monitoring community? Let's delve into some intriguing questions that shed light on its exceptional capabilities.

Q1: How does SiteMaster transform the way I monitor my projects?

A: Imagine effortlessly tracking and comparing inclinometer displacements while correlating them with your ongoing construction progress. SiteMaster isn't just about generating graphs – it's about providing you with invaluable insights that drive informed decisions throughout your projects. Generate customizable time reports at any inclinometer depth, record construction history, receive warnings when preset displacement and velocity warning limits are exceeded and more!

Figure 1: Cumulative displacement graphs for different inclinometers in SiteMaster

Q2: Can I import my site's map into SiteMaster?

A: Absolutely. One of SiteMaster's standout features is its ability to incorporate site elevations, buildings from Google Maps, and even connect seamlessly with DeepEX 3D models. This integration ensures that your monitoring data is placed within a comprehensive context, offering a holistic view of your site's behavior. Moreover, SiteMaster projects can be integrated with DeepEX 3D allowing for live structural and geotechnical checks to be performed based on actual monitoring data.

Figure 2: Site map with inclinometer locations in SiteMaster

Q3: How does SiteMaster differentiate itself from other inclinometer software?

A: SiteMaster's distinction lies in its sophisticated features and user-friendly interface. From accommodating a variety of inclinometer systems to providing remote sensor connections, the software transforms our way of integrating monitoring data with live structural and geotechnical checks.

Q4: How does SiteMaster facilitate remote sensor connections?

A: SiteMaster isn't confined to inclinometer data alone. It embraces remote sensor connections through options like Geokon API, YieldPoint API, and WorldSensing/LoadSensing FTP file servers and dataloggers. These connections enable you to weave a comprehensive narrative of your site's behavior through a range of sensors. SiteMaster can quickly generate time graphs on your map views. You can also overlay and move multiple sensor result graphs to gain additional insights.

Figure 3: SiteMaster – Remote sensors readings processing

In a realm where precision and efficiency reign supreme, SiteMaster stands as an innovative solution for inclinometer readings processing and sensor monitoring. With its user-friendly interface, compatibility with various inclinometer systems, and groundbreaking features such as remote sensor integration, SiteMaster transforms your data into actionable insights. Embrace the power of SiteMaster and embark on a journey of streamlined data processing and presentation that opens up new dimensions of efficiency and insight for your monitoring projects.

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