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DeepEX Software Training Materials

DeepEX Software Training

Deep Excavation offers different training videos for many of our leading products:

  • With the first view of our videos, you will be able to quickly master DeepEX software and other programs, get a brief outlook of the latest features, learn and update the existing software and see the most useful advantages of our program;

  • Training by DeepEX means the combination of the unique experience of our engineering and easy focus on structural modeling. This is very special point to be trained like not elsewhere. We give the real cases together with our professional review of similar problems;

  • You can solve geotechnical design and analysis problems in the quick and accurate way. Training videos introduce you on how to use DeepEX to model and implement effective analysis and obtain results.

Free Software Presentations

Deep Excavation provides full FREE software presentations. Our engineers can show you fast how to utilize all software capabilities to cover your exact needs, and train you, so you can get the most out of our software program really fast!

Please contact us at or to find out more about the software presentation and let us know which time and date might be more suitable for you.

Available Dates and Times

We are available for web presentation appointments: Monday to Friday, at any of the available time slots: 9 AM, 11 AM or 1 PM New York time (EST/EDT). Please let us know about your presentation date and time preference, we will check the availability and let you know directly.

What if i need training for my employees?

Deep Excavation offers software training programs for team of engineers, geo-tech departments, specialized construction companies, involved in geoengineering and excavations. We can easily provide our expertise for a number of specialists.

For corporate training, you are welcome to Contact Us

Shoring Design Examples and Videos

DeepEX Examples

We provide here extensive design examples for similar project types and cases, illustrating the use of our program and the calculated results and result graphs.

DeepEX Videos

A series of training videos, showing the live use of the program in the design of several project models, cases and scenarios. Review the software in live action!

DeepEX Software Web Presentations

A series of videos, demonstrating the software interface and capabilities.

DeepEX Software - Advanced Videos and Training

A series of videos with written instructions, showing how to use the software in several cases and scenarios.

DeepEX - 3D Finite Element Analysis Examples

A series of videos, pdf examples & actual DeepEX software files, showing how to simulate and analyze 3D FEM models with DeepEX.

Manuals, Verification & Example - PDF Documents

1. DeepEX Software - User's Manual

2. DeepEX Theoretical Background (LEM Analysis)

3. DeepEX Theoretical Background (Non-Linear Analysis)

4. Use of DeepFEM - Finite Element Analysis in DeepEX

5. DeepEX - Verification Report

6. Cofferdam Design Example (LEM, NonLinear, FEM Analysis)

7. Anchored Wall Design Example (LEM, NonLinear, FEM Analysis)

8. Soldier Piles with Rakers Example (LEM Analysis , AASHTO LRFD Combinations)

9. Top/Down Excavation - Building Damage Assessment Example

10. Circular Shaft Design Example

11. Deadman Wall Design Example - Impact Load Factor

12. Stepped Excavation with Anchors Example - Finite Element Analysis

13. Stepped Excavation with Rakers Example - LEM, NL, FEM

14. Gravity Walls and Pile Abutments in DeepEX (Info - Examples)

15. Braced Excavation with Hydraulic Struts Design Example

16. 3D Excavation Models - Analysis and Holographic Visualization

17. Bin-Type Wall Design Example

18. Natural Gas Pipeline Adjacent to an Excavation - FEM Analysis

19. Concrete Drain Box Design Example

20. Quay Wall Design Example - Concrete Caisson with Infill Zones

21. Quay Wall Design Example - Segmental Block Wall

22. Train-Embankment Loads in DeepEX1. DeepEX 2020 - User's Manual

23. Horizontal Directional Pipe Drilling - HDD Example - Finite Element Analysis


Let us show you how to design a deep excavation in minutes!



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