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Deep Excavation Products - Online DEMO

Sign Up, Access Your DEMO Software, and Review Great Design Features!

This section is about exciting Deep Excavation products DEMO versions that you can run without download! Full versions are hosted on Virtual Server and you can access them easily and safely!

DEMO versions are full working software versions designed to explore ALL capabilities without limitations and small restrictions are applied only for save and reporting functions.

Any DEMO User can log in to the server for a specific session time for FREE and USE ALL software in order to review and evaluate the software interface and features.

How do I request access to the DEMO versions?

You can always Sign Up in our website and request access to our server, where you can open and test

the DEMO latest versions of our major software programs: DeepEX, DeepFND, HelixPile, SnailPlus, SiteMaster and PileDVR.

If you already signed up, our team will be sending you immediately your own special personal log in enter the VM server and use the trial version!

A few important things to get started with DEMO:

You are welcome to use ALL DEMO versions of our software (FREE TRIALS), checking all available software capabilities and modules, all analysis options are available!

There are several limitations regarding time and save functions as there are many DEMO users willing to try our products at the same time:

1. There is a 45 min time limit, after which the user is automatically logged out.

2. Demo versions cannot save files or print reports, print and save options are available for full licensed versions. Contact us for more information!

3. The virtual computers run on only two cores with some memory limitations. For this reason, the attained speed will likely be smaller vs. an actual physical PC.

Again, DEMO version is provided only to illustrate the full design capabilities and Regular licensed version can take care of your projects with the full scope!

4. Access to the internet is limited. You cannot save files and export your design models.

5. Access is granted for a limited trial period (Typically 7 days). Beyond this time your access credentials will be changed.

6. Due to the massive use of FREE demo versions, you might need to wait a bit to try to log in again to have all full access!


Need a Personalized Web Demo? Our Experts Are Here!

Contact us ASAP if you need any further assistance for a full review of our software!

This is a great chance to get a candid customized live session and learn how our software can cover all your needs!

We are happy to see you joining our Deep Excavation community!

How Do I Start?

Design Examples, Available to be used in Full DEMO

In each Virtual Machine we include a series of examples that can be opened and analyzed by the software DEMO version directly.

These examples cover a wide range of the software features and capabilities. The user can open and review the examples fast, checking the software output.

When you are logged into the software trial, you are able to review all design features directly! To begin with exploring modules and analysis, go through the examples mentioned below for each software program (scroll to see the implemented examples and open the related pdf files!).

You can open the software you wish to review and open any of the available examples right into the program. The example files are located in the directory: Network-DC1-Media-ExampleFiles (see the image below).

Your design journey has started!

> Implemented Shoring Design Examples (DeepEX Software)

Below you can find out about the deep excavation design examples (DeepEX files) that are implemented in our Servers:

Cantilever Excavation - Secant Pile Wall

Open Example PDF

Cantilever Excavation - Soldier Pile Wall

Open Example PDF

Anchored Wall - Excavation with Tiebacks

Open Example PDF

Anchored Wall - Excavation with Tiebacks

Open Example PDF

Top-Down Excavation with Slabs

Open Example PDF

Concrete Drain Box

Open Example PDF

Secant Pile Wall with Rakers

Open Example PDF

Gravity Retaining Wall

Open Example PDF

Pile Supported Abutment

Open Example PDF

Quay Wall - Block Caisson

Open Example PDF

> Implemented Foundation Pile Design Examples (DeepFND Software)

Below you can find out about the foundation pile design examples (DeepFND files) that are implemented in our Servers:

Drilled Concrete Piles

Open Example PDF

Driven Steel Piles

Open Example PDF

Concrete Micropiles

Open Example PDF

Helical Piles

Open Example PDF

Soil Nail Wall Design Examples (SnailPlus Software)

Below you can review a series of slope stability analysis and soil nail wall design examples in pdf, as well as download and access the corresponding software files (SnailPlus files).

Slope Surface Methods

Stage Conditions