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Automatic optimization options in DeepEX software

Generate, analyze and optimize a deep excavation model in minutes!

DeepEX software is the ultimate solution for the structural and geotechnical design and analysis of deep excavation wall/support systems. It offers a comprehensive range of analysis methods, from classical limit equilibrium approaches to non-linear analysis with active and passive elastoplastic Winkler springs and finite element analysis. This versatility ensures a complete solution for any excavation model. Additionally, DeepEX incorporates several structural codes, enabling quick calculations of structural capacities and corresponding structural and geotechnical checks for all structural members – walls and supports.

One of the significant advantages of DeepEX is its variety of automatic optimization tools, allowing users to quickly optimize their excavation models and develop economical and safe solutions within minutes.

The following video presents how to generate and optimize a deep excavation model in seconds:


How Does It Work?

To locate the optimum solution, users start by defining the project geometry and the desired structural sections for all walls and supports. After the initial analysis, the software presents comprehensive tables, result graphs, and shaded model areas indicating critical structural and geotechnical checks for walls and supports at each construction stage. This allows users to swiftly identify potential issues and overstressed items.

Following the initial analysis, users can access several automatic optimization tools to enhance different modeling aspects:

- Automatic Optimization of Wall Embedment Depth (Design Tab)

The software reviews the required embedment depth based on user-defined minimum required wall embedment safety factors.

Optimized wall depth for minimum wall embedment FS = 1.5

Figure 1: Optimized wall depth for minimum wall embedment FS = 1.5

- Automatic Optimization of Support Locations (Optimize Tab)

This tool runs multiple analyses, considering a wide variety of support elevation combinations, and identifies the support positions that minimize stress on the walls.

Automatic optimization of the support locations in DeepEX

Figure 2: Automatic optimization of the support locations in DeepEX

- Automatic Optimization of Wall Structural Sections (Optimize Tab)

The software displays a list of structural sections from the DeepEX beam databases or rebar sets for concrete sections, along with the structural check ratios for each section. Users can select the preferred sections based on their preferences or market availability.

Figure 3: Automatic optimization of the wall structural section (soldier piles) in DeepEX


- Automatic Optimization of Support Structural Sections (Optimize Tab)

Similar to wall sections, this tool offers a list of structural sections for supports, including sets of strand numbers and sizes for tiebacks, along with their structural check ratios.

Figure 4: Automatic optimization of the strut sections in DeepEX

- Automatic Optimization of Ground Anchors Fixed Length (Optimize Tab)

This tool automatically evaluates various bonded lengths for the selected ground anchor, using user-defined minimum and maximum tieback fixed lengths and increments, to satisfy the geotechnical pullout check ratio.

Figure 5: Automatic optimization of the tiebacks fixed length in DeepEX

- Automatic Optimization of Tunnel Lining (Optimize Tab)

The software suggests tunnel lining sections or reinforcement bar sets that provide sufficient capacity to cover applied moments at each construction stage.

Figure 6: Automatic optimization of a tunnel lining in DeepEX


The automatic optimization tools in DeepEX software offer geotechnical engineers and contractors an unparalleled advantage: achieving safe and economically efficient solutions for their deep excavation models in minutes, while maintaining control over the optimized sections. Try DeepEX today and experience firsthand how the software can enhance your design process efficiently.


DeepEX Shoring and tunnel design software

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