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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Soldier Pile Walls

Soldier pile and lagging walls, commonly known as soldier piles, are some of the oldest forms of retaining wall systems used in deep excavations. Soldier pile walls have successfully being used since the late 18th century in metropolitan cities like New York, Berlin, and London.

The method is also commonly known as the "Berlin Wall" when steel piles and timber lagging is used. Alternatively, caissons, circular pipes, or concrete piles can also be used as soldier piles but at an increased cost. Timber lagging is typically used although reinforced concrete panels can be also utilized for permanent conditions.

Soldier pile and lagging walls are widely used in the design of deep excavation projects all over the world. The initial low cost, the constructability and the low construction time requirements make soldier piles the wall type of preference in many cases, especially in the USA. But would Soldier Pile Walls cover your needs in your specific project? Are there any construction method limitations, and how can they affect your design, resulting to costly and sometimes unsafe solutions?

Learn 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Soldier Pile Walls in Deep Excavations and find out if this particular construction method suits your project location and would cover your exact needs!



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