DeepFND - Pile Load Tests

Pile Load Tests Compared with Settlement Prediction Methods by DeepFND Deep Foundation Software

DeepFND has powerful features that enable the prediction of load-settlement response. We have examined a wide range of methods available for various pile types and methods:



Another case illustrates a CFA pile load test matched against a series of predictions based on CPT:



Another drilled pile load test in Georgia was conducted by ADSC as part of a research project. A set of soil properties were estimated from SPT and RQD data, and from unconfined rock properties. It was found that in order to match the observed rock response, the side elasticity had to be significantly reduced compared to the axial elasticity. This phenomenon could be explained by the differing response of rock joints in shear vs. compression, which was more profound as the insitu rock had very low RQD values.




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