Pile Cap Reinforcement Checks in DeepFND

Pile Groups, Punching Checks, Reinforcement Checks and Optimization

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Say goodbye to hours of tedious work spent designing a deep foundation model. Easily design, analyze, and validate your pile system in just a few clicks with DeepFND. Our groundbreaking software simplifies deep foundation modelling and performance validation for geotechnical and structural engineers, saving you time and energy. Get ready to revolutionize the way you design your foundations with DeepFND, the ultimate software solution for foundation professionals!

Now, in a single software suite you can perform:

Axial pile analysis: Calculate the bearing capacity of any pile type, considering the installation method effects.

Lateral pile analysis: Calculate the pile displacements, moment and shear diagrams & perform pushover analysis.

Structural pile design: Calculate the pile moment and shear capacities and perform several checks according to many implemented codes & standards.

Pile group & pile raft analysis: Create pile caps of any shape and analyze the pile cap model with the soil springs or the 3D finite elements approach.

Pile cap reinforcement checks: Define the preferred cap reinforcing strips and rebars, calculate the strip moment and shear, perform all punching checks.

Cap reinforcement optimization: The program can propose rebars for each reinforcing strip, considering the pile cap moment and strip moment capacities.

Pile Cap 3D Model DeepFND

How does it work?

Step 1: Edit soil properties and stratigraphy

✓ Create a list of soils and edit the soil properties

✓ Create a boring and define the soil layers

DeepFND Edit Soil Properties and Stratigraphy

Step 2: Edit the pile section

✓ Select the pile type and installation method

✓ Define the pile depth

✓ Edit the structural section (shape, dimensions and reinforcement)

DeepFND Edit Pile Section Properties

Step 3: Create the pile cap with the wizard

✓ Open the Cap wizard

✓ Define the pile cap shape & dimensions

✓ Select the pile type to be used for the cap piles

✓ Define number of piles per axis

Pile Cap Model Wizard in DeepFND Software

Step 4: Edit the pile cap loading

✓ Access the pile cap dialog

✓ Apply a load to the cap (single, area or linear)

✓ Select whether the cap will behave as a raft or not

Pile Raft options and loads at cap centroid

Step 5: Edit the pile locations, inclination and sections

✓ Access the pile cap dialog

✓ Review/adjust the pile locations & section

✓ Define inclination & local rotation

✓ Select if the piles are fixed to the cap or not

Pile positions in a pile cap - DeepFND software

Step 6: Edit the pile cap reinforcement

✓ Regenerate the default reinforcement (press button)

✓ Regenerate reinforcement strips (press button)

✓ Adjust the preferred reinforcement

✓ Regenerate initial strip reinforcements

✓ Select to place full reinforcement to the cap

✓ Select the reinforcement steel grade

Pile Cap Reinforcement Strips and Rebars - DeepFND

Created model:

✓ See the side cut section and the model top view

✓ Display the reinforcement strips

✓ Display the rebars (top and bottom)

✓ Display the punching surfaces

DeepFND Pile Cap Model - Reinforcement strips and rebars

Model analysis – Analysis & Checking Summary

- Pile cap summary table, cap reinforcement results & punching shear checks

Pile Cap Design - Analysis and Checking Summary Table

Pile Cap Reinforcement Checks DeepFND

Punching Shear Checks Summary Table DeepFND

- Display moment and shear diagrams for each reinforcement strip

Pile Cap Strips moment and shear graphs

- Optimize cap reinforcement – select number of bars & rebar size for each strip

Pile Cap Reinforcement optimization in DeepFND

Video: Rectangular Pile Raft Design with DeepFND - Pile Cap Reinforcement Checks and Optimization:



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