DeepFND 2023 - New Features and Capabilities

DeepFND - Design of Foundation Piles (Helical and Non Helical)
Single Piles, Pile Groups and Pile Rafts

Axial & Lateral Pile Analysis - Structural & Geotechnical Design of the Piles & Cap

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DeepFND software can cover all the requirements of a foundation piles design project, devilering both structural and geotechnical design of piles and pile caps within a superior, interactive environment. Now, lateral and axial pile analysis can be performed within the same software pachage! Analyze and design your deep foundation projects with different methods, save time and effort, and gain a competitive edge!

We are proud to announce that the new version is officially released! The new, improved version will be the new Standard in the design of any foundation pile project.

New Features and Capabilities in DeepFND 2023

Introducing DeepFND 2023 - the ultimate deep foundation software solution for engineers and contractors. With our latest update, you'll have access to a host of new features that will streamline your foundation design process and help you achieve greater accuracy and efficiency.

Some of the exciting new features include:

- Updated steel and concrete codes for Hong Kong, Canada, India, Australia, and more.

- Improved pile capacity codes for IBC 2019, NYC 2022, and AASHTO LRFD 9th.

- Full 3D finite element analysis for helical piles, with the ability to calculate helical plate stress.

- A brand new Pile Cap Design module, which includes options for concrete pile cap reinforcement design, quick generation of reinforcement strips, and punching checks for concrete pile caps.

- Steel plate pile caps typically used with helical piles.

- Texas Cone and TxDOT pile capacity methods.

- Improved equation output for even greater accuracy.

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Pile Cap Reinforcement Layout

Figure 1: Pile Cap Reinforcement Layout


Sample Slab Strip Moment Results

Figure 2: Sample Slab Strip Moment Results


Pile Cap 3D reinforcement view

Figure 3: Pile Cap 3D reinforcement view


3D Finite Element Model for Helical Piles

Figure 4: 3D Finite Element Model for Helical Piles


3D Finite Element Helical Plate Results

Figure 5: 3D Finite Element Helical Plate Results


Punching Shear Zones in Concrete Pile Cap

Figure 6: Punching Shear Zones in Concrete Pile Cap



Learn how DeepFND 2023 can take your foundation design to the next level.
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Settlement Analysis (Single Piles)
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Pile Cap Structural Design & Checks - - -
Pile Cap Punching Checks - - -
Base Resistance & Soil Springs -
3D Finite Element Analysis (3D FEM) - - -
Soil Displacement-Stress Simulation - - -
3D Settlements in the Soil Mass - - -
Deep Maintenance (12 Months)

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