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Helical Pile Design Verification - Square Solid Pile Section

SS175 (1.75 in size Square Solid Section) with 8''-10''-12'' Helixes

A. Project description

This example presents a detailed example for calculating the ultimate axial capacity of a helical pile according to Vesic 1974 and Meyerhoff/Hansen method. Table 1 below presents assumed soil properties, Table 2 summarizes the soil stratigraphy, while Table 3 describes assumed helical pile properties.

Table 1: Soil properties

Table 2: Stratigraphy (Boreholes)

Table 3: Helical pile properties

Soil Properties and Model in HelixPile

Pile Section Properties and Helix Configuration

B. Ultimate bearing capacity calculations – Individual plate method

B1. Manual calculations

Effective soil stress:

The general bearing capacity equation is:

Calculations for each plate and for the tip:

Plate 3

Plate 2

Plate 1


Table 4: Bearing capacity for each plate/method

B2. Verification using HelixPile Software

The following Figure presents the software calculated Capacities with each method:

Figure: The plate results on the screen – Vesic - Meyerhoff/Hansen method respectively.

The following table summarizes the hand calculations and the software calculated capacities with all methods:

Table 5: Individual Plate Method - Results Comparison


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