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DeepFND 2024 - New Features and Capabilities

DeepFND - Design of Foundation Piles (Helical and Non Helical) Single Piles, Pile Groups and Pile Rafts

Axial & Lateral Pile Analysis - Structural & Geotechnical Design of the Piles & Cap

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DeepFND software can cover all the requirements of a foundation piles design project, devilering both structural and geotechnical design of piles and pile caps within a superior, interactive environment. Now, lateral and axial pile analysis can be performed within the same software pachage! Analyze and design your deep foundation projects with different methods, save time and effort, and gain a competitive edge!

We are proud to announce that the new version is officially released! The new, improved version will be the new Standard in the design of any foundation pile project.

New Features and Capabilities in DeepFND 2024

Some of the exciting new features include:

Wave and water flow calculations for piles and pile caps with simplified methods

Wave pressures on foundation piles

 Updated structural design codes and methods

- AREMA 2021 Allowable codes

- AISC 22 (ASD and LRFD)


DeepFND 2024 - Implemented steel design codes

 Updated – New implemented load combinations:

- BSEN-1997-1 load combinations

- CAN CSA S6:19 LOW, TYP. and HIGH UND. (Canada)

- ASCE 7-22 load combinations

- AREMA 2021 load combinations

- PAS 8810 combinations

DeepFND 2024 - Implemented load combinations


 ASCE 7-22 Supplement 2 provisions for flood loads

Options for flood loads in DeepFND

 Tension and compression head plate checks for pile caps

Helical piles with head plates and punching area in DeepFND

Alternative Texas Cone Penetrometer methods that incorporate load data results (Hosam etc)

Alternative Texas Cone Penetrometer methods in DeepFND

 Options to consider maximum installation torque from plate or cylinder method for helical piles

Options to ignore cylinder mode in helical piles

and more!

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Learn how DeepFND 2024 can take your foundation design to the next level. Contact us today for a free web presentation!


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