SnailPlus - Slope Stability Analysis & Design of Soil Nail Walls

Training Materials - Use of the Software

SnailPlus is a robust software program, capable to design soil nail walls taking into consideration all external loads and the project area stratigraphy. SnailPlus implements a user-friendly interface and a powerful wizard that can create a soil nail wall model fast, taking into consideration all construction stages. The software does all structural and geotechnical design calculations, providing results for all structural items in the model area (soil nails, shotcrete facing, head plates etc.).

In the following video you can review fast the main software features and capabilities:

Videos and Examples

Below you can access a series of articles, videos and training examples, illustrating the use of the software in different cases.

Example: Slope Surface - Automatic Search Method


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Example: Slope Surface - Circular Slope Search Method


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Video Example - Stepped Soil Nail Wall Design


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Training Video: Slope Stability Analysis Methods & Slope Surface Options in SnailPlus


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