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Geotechnical Engineering Workshops - Learn with PDH

We frequently organize advanced geotechnical engineering workshops to cover the increased interest of engineering professionals to expand their knowledge, improve their design skills and evolve in the revolutionary technological environment. Our recurring workshops cover the design of deep excavation and deep foundation projects with different methods. The design of soil nail walls, the monitoring of inclinometer readings and other elements for specific engineering solutions. All classes are taught by top-of-the-field engineering professionals and the attendees can receive PDH credits, depending on the class duration.

Recurring Workshops

Design of Deep Excavations

Upcoming Workshop: TBA

PDH Credits: 8

Learn how to effectively design any deep excavation project!

- Theory Methods on the design of Deep Excavations

- Deep Excavation Design Cases and Scenarios

- Design of Cofferdams, Anchored Walls, Braced Systems + more

- Design of Soil Nail Walls

- Design Standards

- Practice - Software Applications

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Design of Deep Foundations

Upcoming Workshop: March 12, 2024

PDH Credits: 6.5

Learn how to effectively design any pile foundation project!

- Theory Methods on the design of Deep Foundations

- Axial & Lateral Analysis of Foundation Piles

- Design of Drilled Piles, Driven Piles, Caissons + more

- Pile Cap Reinforcement Design

- Design of Helical Piles

- Practice - Software Applications

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Advanced Design of Excavations

Upcoming Workshop: January 23, 2024

PDH Credits: 8

Learn how to create complex excavation models!

- Finite Element Analysis Method

- Tunnels & Metro Design Challenges

- MSE Walls & Embankments

- Complex Deep Excavation Design Cases

- Analysis and design of Tunnels

- Advanced 3D Frame Analysis and Steel Connections

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Soil Nail Walls - Inclinometers Monitoring

Upcoming Workshop: TBA

PDH Credits: 6.5

Learn how to perform slope stability Analysis and process inclinometer readings!

- Slope Stability Analysis - Theoretical Background

- Limit Equilibrium VS Finite Element Analysis

- Soil Nail Walls - Collapse Case Studies

- Slopped Inclinometers Monitoring

- Examples, Practice - Software Applications

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Free Software Presentations

Deep Excavation provides full FREE software presentations. Let our engineers guide you through the capabilities and features of our products and help you get the most out of our programs really fast. The presentation lasts about 1 hour and all you need is a stable internet connection and a pc microphone or a phone line.

Please contact us at or to find out more about the software presentation and let us know which time and date might be more suitable for you.

Available Dates and Times

We are available for web presentation appointments: Monday to Friday, at any of the available time slots:

9 AM, 11 AM or 1 PM New York time (EST/EDT) - Contact us to check availability

We provide these webinars internationally. Sometimes our standard presentations times might be an issue because of time difference. Users for Europe, Asia and Oceania can always contact us at and we can always arrange a more suitable timing.



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