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This section includes important information about some major projects designed with our software programs, theory background articles about geotechnical engineering design methods and codes, case studies of excavations and pile foundations simulated with our software and more. You can access the following sections and learn how our programs can assist you with your designs!

Retaining Wall Projects with DeepEX

DeepEX has been used in more than 10,000 deep excavation projects worldwide! Here you can review some of the major excavations where our software has been used both for the preliminary evaluation and for the full project analysis.

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Support Types in Deep Excavations

Here you can find information about the use, advantages and disadvantages of all common support systems used in deep excavations (cantilever, anchored walls, braced excavations, cofferdams, top/down systems and more).

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Wall Types in Deep Excavations

DeepEX can design any common wall type. Here you can review valuable information about the use, construction, costs, advantages and disadvantages of several retaining wall systems (soldier piles, secant piles, sheet piles, diaphragms and more).

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Theory and Methods

All our programs implement a wide range of geotechnical engineering design theory and methods, allowing the fast evaluation of different cases. Here you can find information about our analysis methods, the implemented design standards and more.

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Case Studies

This section includes several pubished case stadies of deep excavations and pile foundation projects. The models are redesigned, evaluated and verified with our engineering programs.

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Professional Issues

In this section you can find a series of articles about common geotechnical engineering issues, challenges and problems, advertisements, geotechnical engineering news and more!

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Geotechnical Engineering

This section includes a series of articles, describing the main geotechnical engineering project types and challenges.

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This section includes a series of published scientific geotechnical engineering studies and articles.

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This section includes useful links for direct access to the websites of some of our main clients and partners.

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