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SiteMaster 2023: Slope inclinometer & Sensor monitoring solution

Review, process and monitor inclinometer and sensor readings 

Follow and compare inclinometer displacements against construction progress for deep excavations

DXF Drawings Add-on: Zoom around the site with interactive DXF drawings

Import Site elevations, Buildings from Google Maps Connect with DeepEX 3D

New: Remote Sensor Connections, Fixed-In-Place Remote Inclinometers, Topographic/Survey Monitoring + more!

SiteMaster - Inclinometers and Sensors monitoring software

SiteMaster: Slope Inclinometer & Remote Sensors Software

SiteMaster is a modern and powerful software program for processing and presenting inclinometer readings and remote geostructural sensors. SiteMaster can handle an unlimited number of sites with an unlimited number of inclinometers and sensors. The program is very easy to use and includes all standard graphs as well as unique features. It can process and present all inclinometers and sensors within a project, as well as include plan view displacement graphs related to excavation construction history. SiteMaster can work with any inclinometer system that  produces a text data file. Monitoring sites are stored in an easy to modify folder where all data items are placed in a systematic approach. Displacement and monitoring graphs are organized in an efficient and easy way. Reports can be customized and exported in PDF or MS Word format. You can also position your data in maps, import your construction drawings in DXF, import buildings and topographic information from Google, and perform damage assesment on existing structures.

Geokon adopts SiteMaster as the professional standard software program for their inclinometers!

FHWA departments have recently adopted SiteMaster!

SiteMaster Software Sloped Inclinometer Readings.png

How the Software Works

Start with the Basic Version - Power Up with Additional Modules!

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Capabilities/Version SiteMaster Basic Basic with DXF Basic with DXF & Sensors
Import Inclinometer Readings
Process Readings
Customizable Graphs
Warning Limits
Construction History
Correction Options
Import Site Plan from DXF -
Import Site Map from Google Maps -
Locate Inclinometers on the Map -
View Displacement Contours on the Map -
Remote Sensors Connection - Optional
Topographic/Survey Monitoring - Optional Optional
Import Buildings from Google Maps - - Optional
Building Damage Assessment - - Optional
Base Resistance & Soil Springs - - Optional
Server Automatic Monitoring System - - Optional
Network/Cloud (Concurrency of 2 seats) - Optional Optional
SiteMaster Maintenance (12 Months)

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Why Choose SiteMaster?

SiteMaster has been developed by engineers that have wide experience in the geotechnical and geo-structural monitoring industry. Our company uses SiteMaster with pride in our inclinometer monitoring projects.

Works with any inclinometer: SiteMaster can import data from any inclinometer system that produces a text based data file. Custom readers can be created to read any type of text data file. Geokon, SINCO, SISGEO, RST Instruments, ITMsoil, Tecnopenta, OTR, ENCARDIO, and Digitilt inclinometer formats supported

Remote Sensor Support: SiteMaster can connect to databases and data-aquisition systems from Geokon, WorldSensing FTP, and YieldPoint.

Modern interface: SiteMaster has modern interactive interface. You can even double click on the inclinometers on plan view.

Logical layout: Graphs are logically presented. Easily zoom in and out on any graph to spot out critical data.

Export reports to MS Word, and Adobe PDF, & MS EXCEL

Powerful Features

Site Map: Add the site map directly from Google maps, locate inclinometers on a map and view displacement contours.

Summary table: SiteMaster compiles a summary table for all inclinometers, that presents the current project status.

Customizable graphs: With SiteMaster you can generate customizable time reports at any inclinometer depth.

Warning limits: SiteMaster allows you to preset displacement and velocity warning limits. When a warning limit is exceeded, SiteMaster warns you with the appropriate limit color.

Construction history: SiteMaster is the only inclinometer software that allows you to record construction history with data such as excavation and water levels, ground anchor construction, etc.

Site plan :

You can enter a site plan view in a JPEG format, customize the scale and plot the maximum displacement progress on plan for all inclinometers.


Key Plan: 

Where is that inclinometer? Use our key plan, pin point that inclinometer. 


Correction Options: Corrections can be applied either to an inclinometer, or an individual reading. Available correction options include:

a) Spiral corrections

b) Transpose base corrections

c) Transpose points along depth

d) Rotational corrections

e) Bias shift corrections

f) Adjust probe constant for an individual reading.

g) Vector displacements with depth

Check-sum logic scanner: 

SiteMaster examines checksums readings, pointing out possible inconsistencies with easy to spot colors. 

SiteMaster_Table Results.JPG

Smart Data System:

SiteMaster has an intelligent and flexible data management system. Critical data are stored in XML files, and data can easily be adjusted using windows explorer.


Remote Sensor Connections

Connect remote sensors on any site, such as tiltmeters, strain gages, pressure cells, and more with any of the following options:

+ Geokon API

+ YieldPoint API

+ WorldSensing/LoadSensing FTP file servers and dataloggers

Sensor data can be displayed vs time or filtered with depth locations. Time graphs can be displayed on your map or DXF view.

Sensor results can be exported to Excel.

Remote sensors can be used with user input mode. A user can manually edit data.

SiteMaster 2022 - Sensors Data Monitoring on DXF

Topographic/Survey Monitoring

Read and update topographic survey displacement data. Generate settlement and displacement contours that can also include inclinometer values.

Fixed-In-Place Remote Inclinometers

The new version allows fixed inclinometers to be processed via remote connections.

DeepEX Integration

Import your DeepEX3D models into SiteMaster. This allows you to position your future excavation works within SiteMaster. Multiple DeepEX projects can be imported.

3D Buildings from Google

Import 3D buildings from Google maps and connect them to topographic and remote sensors. You can set alert limits for each building and special displacement categories. The alert status of each building is then updated at the desired date and reported.

SiteMaster 2022 Import Buildings From Google Maps

New features:

+ Import DXF site plan drawings

+ Import Site Map from Google Maps

+ Locate the Inclinometers on the Map

+ View Displacement Contours on the Map

+ Remote Sensors Monitoring

+ Export sensor results to Excel

+ Interactive time graphs on DXF drawings

+ New project wizard

+ Depth Correlations

+ High/Low DPI Elevation Graphs in Reports

+ Topographic/Survey Monitoring

+ Remote Sensors with User Input Mode

+ Customizable Elevation Limits on Reports

+ Customizable Font Sizes

+ Customizable Marker Sizes

+ Reading Error Log

+ Vector displacement graphs

+ Building Damage Assessment

+ Ability to custom locate Project Folders and not only in My Documents

Geokon Adopts SiteMaster

We are very proud that Geokon, a highly reputed monitoring instrumentation manufacturer has recently adopted SiteMaster as their professional standard inclinometer software program.

How does it work?

1. Create a new inclinometer, and set the inclinometer brand to Geokon.

Add_New_Inclinometer.png   Set_Inclinometer_Geokon.png

2. Select to import readings, select Geokon (*.gkn), select files to import, and done.


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