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Deep foundation analysis


Elevate your foundation pile design with DeepFND!

✓ Define any common foundation pile type, including Helical Piles, Drilled Piles, Driven Piles, Caissons, Micropiles, CFA Piles, and more.

✓ Create load combinations for axial and lateral loads, providing a comprehensive analysis of the pile's performance under various loading conditions.

✓ Analyze single piles, pile groups, and rafts using advanced techniques such as lateral PY springs and 3D Finite Element Method (3D FEM).

✓ Perform both structural and geotechnical design of any pile types.

✓ Estimate pile settlements and helical pile installation torque.

✓ Optimize the foundation pile depth for all load conditions, maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

✓ Seamlessly export detailed reports with equations to PDF and Word formats, ensuring clear communication of your design process and results.