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The Ultimate Software for Deep Excavatations

DeepEX is the ultimate software program for secant pile design. Now, this is a bold statement but please spend a few minutes with us you will find out why!

DeepEX has built in all standard pile sections and considers arching effects for secant pile design. The versatily of DeepEX also allows the calculation of different axial capacities when lateral confining stresses change due to lateral movement.

DeepEX can practically handle any type of secant pile wall you throw at it. Secant piles with regular reinforcement, with steel beams, with combined steel-rebar sections, with reinforced secondary piles, you name it DeepEX can handle it!

Secant pile wall design with DeepEX software for Dodulu Subway Stations in Turkey

Above: DeepEX has been used to design subway stations with secant piles for the Dodulu Subway expansion project in Turkey.

Now with DeepEX and HoloDeepEX you can visualize your excavations in Virtual or Augmented Reality!

Did you know? DeepEX performs over 200 structural and geotechnical checks of your secant pile design

In terms of analysis, DeepEX is a complete package! It offers both limit-equilibrium analysis methods and non-linear analysis options. What sets DeepEX apart is that it enables you to follow all construction stages, include 3D loads, include additional wall elements etc. You can vary the pile section with depth, and include separate stages to consider different loading scenarios.

DeepEX is the only secant pile design software program that allows you to include two opposite walls! You can brace the two walls with slabs. With this the vertical load from the slabs can be transferred automatically to the walls.

Actual words of a US customer: "This program is like driving a super charged Cadillac"

DeepEX incorporates steel structural codes from US standards AISC ASD and LRFD, as well as European standards from EC3. The software can also automatically generate all loading cases for Eurocode 7 and AASHTO LRFD 2010 (5th edition). Hence, DeepXcav automatically generates all critical combinations for tension and compression loadings while the pile type construction is recognized.

US: AASHTO LRFD, ITA: Italian EC7, GR: EC7, DIN: German EC7, XP: French EC7.

But beyond secant pile design, DeepEX is much more: It is a full program that allows you to design soldier pile walls, sheet pile walls, diaphragm walls, slope stability, soil nailing and more! Review DeepEX Capabilities

Different types of secant piles in DeepEX secant pile design software

Secant pile wall design with DeepEX - Deep Excavation software!

DeepEX our leading software program for deep excavations is ideal for designing secant pile walls. All standard pile sections are included within the program. DeepEX. DeepEX can evaluate regular secant piles as well as more complex braced excavations with secant piles.

One of the first steps in the secant pile wall analysis is to determine the wall displacements, bending moments, and support reactions. Once bending moments are determined, the pile can be resized from the original analysis to meet the required performance criteria. The following image presents a double cofferdam wall analyzed with the DeepEX software program:

Secant pile design with DeepEX secant pile software

Once the bracing linear forces are determined from our main analysis, a full frame analysis can be performed. With our DeepEX software since both capabilities are connected, we were able to prepare the model below and optimize all steel sections in less than 5 minutes.

Secant pile design in deep excavation software and sample secant pile section drawing

Which wall system is best for your case?


Circular Shaft Frolida.JPG

Circular wet soil mix shaft, Tampa, FL
Project Designed with DeepEX


100' Excavations for LaBrea Station, Los Angeles, CA
Project Designed with DeepEX

Software Created from Engineers to Engineers Like You!

Some software programs are solely developed by software programmers. Our retaining wall software program DeepEX is developed by specialized earth retention engineers. Review DeepEX Capabilities

Why Choose DeepEX?

Design and optimize a deep excavation in as little as 5 minutes!

Evaluate different alternatives and methods in seconds:
Limit Equilibrium, Non-Linear, Finite Element Analysis Methods!

Multiple Wall Types: Soldier piles, secant piles, sheet piles, concrete diaphragms, tangent piles, combined sheet piles and more!

Structural and Geotechnical Design of any deep excavation model:
AASHTO LRFD, CALTRANS, ACI, AISC, EUROCODES 2,3,7,8, DIN, BS, Australian Codes, Chinese Codes and more!

Estimate the cost, perform a global stability analysis, prepare your section drawings (DXF)!

Impress your clients with the excavation in 3D or virtual reality before anything is constructed!

Save time and effort: Fast Design, Model Wizard, Automatic Optimization Tools!

Expert Design & Support: We offer personal and professional support to all our clients!

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