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Deep Excavation Deep Maintenance, Geotechnical Engineering Software Support and Upgrades

What is Deep Maintenance?

Welcome to Deep Maintenance! We care about You and we have got your back when it comes for any sort of assistance you need.

Our Technical Maintenance is designed with one goal: make sure everything gets done right and stays put without fail.

As we continue our tradition of providing the best technology and customer service, all our geotechnical products satisfy your most demanding geotechnical challenges.

Select a maintenance package that covers your exact needs and enjoy benefits, from unique customer support services to special discounts!


Why Go ON Deep Maintenance?

Our Maintenance ON Subscription gives you discounted purchase price for additional licenses, and then the next annual fee goes even lower than companies charge for a month or an hour!

When Your Maintenance is ON: you unlock Cloud Solutions, Network licensing and you can choose Basic or Premium

Deep Maintenance gives you all:

✓ Software Benefits (Free annual upgrades, access to advanced design examples and latest geotechnical/structural codes, implementation of your own sections),

✓ Full Licensing Services (troubleshooting, personal desktop/video call technical assistance support, licensing recovery, options to change licensing)

✓ Technical Support (personal technical support, online tutorials access, personal webex training sessions)

✓ Special discounts on adding extra modules, licensing seats, workshops and license migration

You can have all the benefits and privilege of having a deep maintenance annual plan by just diving into it!

Benefits NO Plan ON  Basic ON  Premium
Software Benefits      
FREE Annual version Upgrade X
Access to Latest Structural/Geotechnical Codes X
Access to Advanced Example Software Files X X
FREE Implementation of Structural Sections (Upon Review) X X
Licensing Services      
License Support - Troubleshooting X
License Recovery/Activation X
Options to change licensing X
Transfer (License Migration) to Single/Cloud/USB X
Remote Desktop/Video Call Personal Support X X
Technical Support      
Online technical support X
Personal Technical Support X
Online Tutorials Access X
Personal Training Webex Session X X
Special Discounts      
% Special discount on Extra Licenses X 20% 20%
% Special discount on Extra Modules X 20% 20%
% Discount on all workshops X 10% 30%
% Special discount for licensing transfer (migration) X 10% 30%

Get Deep Maintenance
(12 Months)

Choose the Annual Maintenance plan with the benefits that will complement the software solutions. This is one time annual fee that is due from the initial software activation/purchase. Maintenance plan will reactivate your license and technical maintenance for the next 12 months.

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