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Design retaining walls, pile supported abutments, MSE walls and more with DeepEX


Elevate your retaining system design with DeepEX

✓ Seamlessly select the desired gravity retaining wall shape and reinforcement options from our extensive library.

✓ Effortlessly generate your earth and structures retaining system within minutes, saving you valuable time and effort in the design process.

✓ Define your foundation pile system for pile abutments, guaranteeing robust support and enhanced structural integrity.

✓ Create segmental block or gravity type caisson walls for quay walls and waterfront projects, providing versatile and durable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

✓ Review comprehensive results, including wave pressures, moment/shear diagrams, sliding and overturning factors, and more. DeepEX empowers you with valuable insights to make informed design decisions.

✓ Export reports to PDF and Word formats, ensuring clear communication and documentation of your design process.