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Unlocking Deep Foundation Design Excellence with DeepFND

Have you ever found deep foundation design to be more complex and challenging than what textbooks suggest? The reality of determining geotechnical pile capacity involves an artful balance of various methods. Beyond just skin friction and end bearing estimations, the complexity deepens with lateral pile capacity determinations and structural calculations. The landscape of design codes further complicates matters, from AASHTO LRFD and Eurocode 7 to Australian Standards. As a result, valuable time might be consumed navigating different methodologies instead of focusing on delivering effective solutions.

That's precisely why DeepFND was conceived – a potent, user-centric software born from the minds of expert engineers. Developed with the intent to streamline deep foundation design and mitigate risks, DeepFND isn't just a marketing pitch. We're engineers driven by expertise and a genuine passion to bolster your success.

Q1: What pile types can I design with your software?

A: The capabilities of DeepFND extend across an extensive spectrum of pile types. Whether it's drilled, driven, cast, or helical piles, DeepFND's versatility empowers you to tackle diverse projects without limitations.

Unlocking Deep Foundation Design Excellence with DeepFND
Figure 1: Different pile types in DeepFND (steel pile, reinforced concrete, micropile, helical pile)

Q2: Is DeepFND an axial or a lateral pile analysis software?

A: It is both! DeepFND offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities. It encompasses both axial and lateral pile analysis in a single cohesive platform, enabling you to fully comprehend the behavior of your foundation under various load scenarios. Now, you can have the calculated bearing capacities in tension and compression, as well as the pile moment, shear and displacement graphs at your fingertips, all with the push of a single button.

Unlocking Deep Foundation Design Excellence with DeepFND
Figure 2: Bearing capacities and lateral pile analysis graphs for a helical pile in DeepFND

Q3: What about structural checks?

A: DeepFND is a repository of international codes and standards, ensuring your designs are aligned with best practices and regulations. This comprehensive coverage caters to structural capacity calculations, whether axial, bending, IBC, ACI, AISC, Australian Standards, Eurocode 2, or 3, resulting in designs that are both compliant and safe.

Unlocking Deep Foundation Design Excellence with DeepFND
Figure 3: Concrete pile moment & moment capacity graph and sample equations report in DeepFND

Q4: Can I design a cap with foundation piles using your program?

A: Absolutely. DeepFND empowers you to design pile caps of any shape and configuration, including both pile groups and pile rafts. The software's accuracy in force calculations per pile, coupled with structural checks for piles and pile caps, ensures a robust foundation system.

Unlocking Deep Foundation Design Excellence with DeepFND
Figure 4: Pile Cap Design with DeepFND – 2D section, plan view moment shadings & 3D model

Q5: Is DeepFND a solely spring analysis software?

A: DeepFND's prowess transcends a singular analysis approach. It encompasses both soil spring analysis and 3D Finite Element Method (FEM) solutions, offering you the flexibility to cross-verify your models through various methods and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of complex soil-structure interactions.

Unlocking Deep Foundation Design Excellence with DeepFND
Figure 5: 3D FEM Analysis in DeepFND - 2D Section Results and 3D Model settlement shadings

Q6: How easy is it to transition to your software?

A: Transitioning to DeepFND is a breeze. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow make it accessible to engineers of all backgrounds. Our treasure trove of resources, including videos, manuals, and practical examples, caters to a smooth transition. Furthermore, our dedicated technical support stands ready to guide you through any challenges.

In sum, DeepFND stands as the epitome of deep foundation design solutions. Its comprehensive capabilities, unwavering international code adherence, and steadfast support not only enhance your engineering prowess but also expedite your project delivery. With DeepFND in your toolbox, you wield the power to navigate complex designs with ease and precision. Make the shift today and experience the transformative potential of a single, all-encompassing software suite – DeepFND. Your success, our passion.


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