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Revolutionizing Deep Excavation Design with 3D Modeling & AR/VR Visualization


DeepEX, the industry-leading shoring design software, is not just about creating excavation projects; it's about reshaping the way engineers and contractors visualize, design, and execute them. In the world of deep excavation, precise planning and comprehensive understanding are paramount. This article delves into how DeepEX, through its 3D modeling and AR/VR visualization capabilities, elevates the entire process by providing a holistic view that transcends the limitations of traditional 2D cut sections.

Breaking Free from 2D Visualization Constraints

While 2D cut sections have long been a staple in excavation design, they come with inherent limitations when trying to visualize what is being built. Deep excavation projects involve complex three-dimensional structures with numerous variables, including the exact locations of supports, ground conditions, and structural elements. In many cases, this is described as taking a 3D problem, visualizing it in 2D paper, and then rebuilding it in a real 3D world.

Revolutionizing Deep Excavation Design with 3D Modeling & AR/VR Visualization

Figure 1: DeepEX 2D excavation model with ground anchors – FEM analysis

DeepEX offers a solution by breaking free from these 2D constraints. The software empowers users to create an unlimited number of 2D cut sections, but it doesn't stop there. It seamlessly exports and designs full 3D frame models, incorporating precise support locations and all bracing levels. This transition from 2D to 3D is where the magic happens, as it unlocks a new realm of possibilities and benefits.

Revolutionizing Deep Excavation Design with 3D Modeling & AR/VR Visualization

Figure 2: DeepEX 3D excavation model with ground anchors

Unleashing the Power of 3D Modeling

The move to 3D modeling within DeepEX has profound implications for deep excavation projects. Users can now see their designs in three dimensions, providing a comprehensive understanding of the entire project. This advancement allows for:

Precise Support Locations: No longer reliant on assumptions, users can work with exact support locations, optimizing the design for maximum safety and efficiency.

Structural Checks: DeepEX performs structural checks on all components, ensuring that every aspect of the excavation is up to standard and code compliant.

Cost Estimation: The software provides a detailed cost estimation for the entire project, helping in accurate budgeting and financial planning.

Steel Connection Checks: DeepEX assesses steel connections, including welding and stiffeners, to guarantee the integrity of the entire structure.

Revolutionizing Deep Excavation Design with 3D Modeling & AR/VR Visualization

Figure 3: Steel connection checks in DeepEX software – Waler to strut connection

HoloDeepEX: Bridging the Visualization Gap

One of the most innovative features DeepEX offers is HoloDeepEX, a free viewer provided to clients. It enables the seamless transition from 3D modeling to immersive visualization, available on desktops, VR, and AR headsets. This capability goes beyond mere novelty; it has tangible benefits:

Client Communication: Engineers can now share 3D model holograms with clients, allowing them to vividly see what their investment entails. This is particularly vital for underground structures, which are often invisible but substantial in project costs.

Issue Detection: Visualization opens a window to identify potential challenges, conflicts, and design issues. It's a proactive approach that prevents costly surprises during construction.

Conflict Resolution: The ability to pinpoint interferences, such as ground anchors conflicting with adjacent building foundations, means that problems can be resolved before construction begins, saving time and resources.

Revolutionizing Deep Excavation Design with 3D Modeling & AR/VR Visualization

Figure 4: Visualization of a 3D metro excavation and a tunnel in HoloDeepEX

3D Finite Elements in Upcoming DeepEX 2024

We are proud to announce that we are finalizing the development of our new 3D FEM engine! We're putting the finishing touches on this powerful module, which will be a standout feature in the upcoming DeepEX 3D version set to launch in January 2024. With our new module, you'll have the capability to quickly prepare and conduct rigorous 3D Finite Element analysis models for a wide variety of geotechnical projects. We've designed it to seamlessly integrate with DeepEX's user-friendly parametric approach, making complex analysis a breeze. No more pain in making changes in your 3D finite element models. Get ready to elevate your geotechnical projects to new heights with DeepEX 3D!

Revolutionizing Deep Excavation Design with 3D Modeling & AR/VR Visualization

Figure 5: DeepEX 3D FEM analysis and model visualization


DeepEX is not just a software; it's a transformative tool that empowers engineers and contractors in the world of deep excavation. By transitioning from 2D to 3D modeling and harnessing the capabilities of HoloDeepEX, the industry gains a powerful ally in the quest for precision, efficiency, and successful project outcomes. The era of holistic 3D modeling and immersive AR/VR visualization is here, and DeepEX stands at the forefront, redefining what's possible in excavation design and execution.


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