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DeepEX 3D Finite Element Analysis

Generate, analyze & design 3D FEM models in minutes

Arbitrary shape excavation - 3D FEM analysis with DeepEX - Wall moment shadings

Exiting News: Our 3D FEM engine is released and ready to be used with any DeepEX 3D Package!

Seamless Integration: Our 3D Finite Element Analysis engine seamlessly integrates within DeepEX, offering unparalleled capabilities for finite element analysis across a diverse range of geotechnical projects. Whether you're working on excavations, foundations, buildings, or slope stability, this powerful engine ensures a comprehensive and precise analysis.

Parametric Simulation: Embrace flexibility in your design process with parametric simulation. Our 3D FEM engine allows for swift and effortless adaptation to any alterations in your design. No more headaches when making changes – experience a fluid and dynamic workflow that keeps pace with your evolving project requirements.

Constitutive Laws: Dive into the intricacies of soil-structure interaction with our 3D FEM engine, offering a myriad of constitutive laws. Tailor your analysis to the unique characteristics of your project, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every simulation.

Simulation Options: Choose from a wide array of simulation options, empowering you to model the soil medium and structural components with precision. Our engine provides the versatility needed to handle diverse scenarios, offering a robust foundation for sophisticated analyses.

Our 3D FEM engine isn't just a tool; it's a gateway to elevated geotechnical analysis. Seamlessly integrated, dynamically adaptable, and equipped with advanced modeling capabilities, it empowers you to navigate the complexities of your projects with confidence and precision.

With our 3D FEM engine you can generate and analyze 3D FEM models in Minutes!

L Shape Excavation - 3D FEM analysis - soil settlements distribution

Image: L Shape Excavation - 3D FEM Analysis Settlemet Shadings

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How it works

In any DeepEX 3D model (the DeepEX 3D Package is required) we can seamlesly generate and edit 3D plan views for any deep excavation project and edit the support locations and structural sections graphically.

L shape excavation - DeepEX 3D Frame generated model

Image: L Shape Excavation - DeepEX 3D Frame model

With the DeepEX 3D FEM module activated we can seamlesly adjust the mesh density, generate the FEM mesh with the click of a button and run the 3D FEM analysis directly, enjoying results in form of tables, graphs and shadings for all elements in our soil mass (soil, walls, supports and walers). Moreover, the software will perform all structural checks for each of the structural elements, check steel connections, estimate the project costs and much more!

DeepEX 3D FEM mesh generation with a click of a button

Image: Arbitrary Shape Excavation - 3D FEM mesh generation in DeepEX

Rectangular excavation - 3D FEM analysis - Wall displacement shadings

Image: Rectangular excavation - 3D FEM analysis - Wall displacement shadings


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